Wednesday, May 9, 2012

IMTU: Updating the Ops Cost per Ship.

Just an update of ship expenses, all commercial shipping found in ISW.
Note that these are the costs per Dton, there is no margin and no Total-Cost-of-Ownership for Manpower. These all assume HT8 ships or what is IMTU default costs for regular ships.

Notice the Sharushid Ships have 50 years to pay and at the $1400 per dton make enormous profits. Their economies of scale are what private merchanters should not go head to head with. I've given a formula how to estimate the amount of shipping traffic a route has.

I've included HT8 microboats for every 250dton of cargo.

This should be enough of a play book for the adventures in ISW. We can just assume terra has the same ships as the Imperium for freighters, the difference is in the details... particularly operational costs. If Terrans use Androids for V.AI Crewman slots, thats 1/5 salary according to UT.

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