Sunday, September 30, 2012

Artist Leads update October; Samsung Note 10.1

Well, now I'm going through the professional chain of my leads. I found some in Philippine 3d Artist forums. So hope that pans out...

I got my wife a Samsung Note 10.1 for her birthday. I didn't realize how big a deal were the innovations in it till after I bought it.

Just to save from confirmation bias, my rational was the following:
  • she was an apple user, and her iphone 4 and her macbook were pretty comprehensive. She gets almost everything she needs from the 2, having an IPAD is just very redundant. Sure the adds say synergy but where these 3 sets intersect, the total area of the Ipad is such a small gain. 
  • The Drawing feature, particularly the WACOM patents and technology. It is pressure sensitive! Yes it is practically a graphics design tool, but too weak for a graphics designer... but perfect for an analyst who does presentations. (assuming you can export it into a Impress/PPT/PDF)
  • The freaking presentation creation toolset is unbelievable. Because it can multi-task you can open multiple apps and work with them side by side! So you can create websites, ebooks with graphics, marketing materials, etc... 
There are drawbacks... but the price... 30% cheaper than an IPAD with the same performance. note also that in the Philippines we are heavily taxed in importation. The Note cost $740 while in amazon it is worth $500-550... the price of having antiquated protectionist laws> (If you look at all the BPO laws vs the import laws, Philippines is a logistics nightmare - the only way out is through the export zones).

I'm a bit jealous of course, cause I'm stuck with an IPAD 1 which is only 2 years old, annoying how ancient it is. Still with an app worth USD $5 and a pen worth $30, I can make vector art on mine. It can be a bit frustrating but when I have free time squeezing in some small drawings can really help while I filter through artists. 

If they are all too expensive or worse... not good enough and charging me an arm and a leg, I'll draw it myself. Those tools are bascially a "hack" to allow me to convert some time into art. 

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