Friday, October 12, 2012

I have an artist already; patience is needed

I found an artist already. So this journey begins. Hoping for the best, and time must be taken.

Basically the project is a Mass Combat Map and RPG setting. Basically I make all the details that allow for easy Mass Combat and Political set up. Basically a lot of Fluff, and unofficially the notes that allow for the use of GURPS Mass combat, Social Engineering, and some of my own notes of how you can run this political war game with Telescopic Flexibility. Run it as a War game, or as an RPG, or somewhere in between.

The map will be broken into layers, and you will be free to edit and re-arrange it using your fractal mapping program or inkscape.

My target audience are GMs with a certain standard of Prep when it comes to economic and demographic, and military resource details. I will provide Carrying Capacity, metrics for training, population and demographics about screening and training.

Basically all of the details in GURPS that are too much work for most GMs in a modular manner (so they can cannibalize it or hack it into their setting).

Strangely all my experience in being an analyst in a company that does recruitment and placement, financial, training, fit-out and construction helps in making this. Also it allows me to exercise a lot of the skills I don't get to because of how work tends to focus on certain skills at a time.

I've yet to do a gant chart to forecast the amount of time it will take me to do all this. but once I have that chart and flow, i can produce more and more materials faster.

target price of the work is $7 at the most. Probably 100MB because of the map that is designed to printed in a tarp. And all the perphirals that would help. Notebooks for each Barony/House and all the background dressing each barony would need. The format is reusable for ones own setting.

The other funny part is that I can go to odesk and vett freelancers (in the philippines) to help other GMs find people to help them in their world building. :P

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