Friday, October 19, 2012

Topics of a Multi-media RPG presentation

I'm currently working with some artists right now for the Map. Now, wondering what would be a fast way of introducing a setting and setting concepts? I was considering using both Video and Audio presentations for getting people to understand the setting.

I listen to a lot of history podcasts: I got, Byzantium (Lars Brownsworth, and Robin Pierson)... etc. So another medium by which people can learn about aspects of Low Tech Societies....

I also started checking out the RPG podcasts, first one I've tried is Happy Jack RPG podcast.

So i got to thinking wouldn't it be easier to have an audio or video presentation for setting details. Topics like:
Roman Imperialism
The Bureaucracy of China and Rome
Courtiers and they employ power* ( a mostly ignored element in settings).
Roman Warfare
Patron Client System - Roman, most politics, etc..
... oops that sounds like history, but stuff people need to understand to understand the setting. I'd rather give a historical overview and say: ...and this setting is just like that or its like that but with this twist.

Aspects that are important to a setting, in one date:
The Princes / The Dukes
Their Armies and Commanders
Their Cities and Holdings
Persons of Interests
The Geography (Going over the map)
Common Lore of the Realm

So I was wondering if I could make an RPG podcast of such broken down into 30 mins episodes. Anyway, I'll have the nitty gritty stats as part of the booklet, but the main points summarized. The idea is to make it easily accessible, and players to do their background reading.

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