Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Spear, the AK 47 of pre-modern times; Lessons on Tactics this is a reddit discussion which I concur with, and want to save for use later on.

Been Playing Airsoft more, and learning more and more about tactical implementation.
I'm a bit of a slow learner, because I tend to be very uncertain and can't see all the datum very clearly. It takes me more tries than the average person to learn a particular lesson. It doesn't improve my understanding so much that I can perform better, but it does make it easy for me to teach and communicate.

I guess thats the draw back. Slow learner, but better Teacher.

Currently when it comes to tactics and flow of a skirmish, I find myself being predictable. Which is a good thing. In fact, I'm surprised how I'm exactly on the same page as my captain. There is this "second-thought" that has begun to happen when I realized I am predictable.

Before I act, I try to visualize what I'm going to do. I string the line of cover and displacement positions in my mind (as much as I can in a given situation; sometimes 2 steps, more depending on the complexity of the situation). Then the awareness of my predictability kicks in, it is a nagging voice that acts almost like an instinct.

But I need more data than most people, so I get pretty choked up what to do when I don't have enough information. Like when were were clearing a room, they were asking me to clear Left because I was right (cross fire position) and they were saying "clear left" to me :P which I figured out later meant I'm clear to move forward.

So i'm still struggling with predictability, but I'm getting there. I need more repetition and visualization. Even a chance to exercise buddy buddy movements with imaginary guns with my partner in an empty parking lot. I bet It looks weird but damn its satisfying when its executed well :P

Anyway I'm tasked to make the handbook for the team. Which is pretty sweet, and I'm converting stuff in my combat handbooks into meaning that is easier to digest for laymen... although they are rather easy to digest - those books are pretty straight forward but I'm the only one geeky enough to go through them (in my circle).

Still thinking my brothers would be awesome in this. One has already tried and joined me, when our parents were away (he drives them around on sundays). The other is a larp game writer.

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