Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Digesting a lot of Chinese History

Thanks to Laszlo Montgomery I found it easier to follow chinese history. As a filipino, i pretty much fall in between western and eastern culture... especially since our culture is weak and heavily borrowed.

I have to make a shout out to what Mr. Laszlo has done and the steadiness and frequency he has made his pod casts. I've tried the two other Chinese history lectures in the Teaching Company, and Mr. Laszlo's material greatly supplements details that are not tackled in the broad strokes.

It has gotten to the point that I want to adventure in: Modern historical China. Freaking eh, right?! I appreciate the risks, the challenges, the triumphs and the sufferings. The world is real to me, and thats what learning various histories do; they make the past more real and more remembered.

I feel strongly that people should check it out, especially since it gives a very well rounded world view. I have my own Philippine history, I get a lot of US history from the media, I got a lot of European history in gaming, through the Teaching company I got Ancient Empires before alexander and Human Civilization, because of Anime and L5R I got a lot of Japanese history, and now from mr. Laszlo I can get chinese history....

... funny is that I really have no one to talk to about chinese history... :P especially since its a controversial topic, I can get banned by the great firewall, and if I want to do biz in china I better keep my big mouth shut about my opinions about China :P

Like Scarborough Shoal or the Spratly Islands or Chinese fishing vessels entering Philippine waters...

I have to say, the amount of death, suffering and turbulence in China in ancient and modern history is equal to that of a whole continent. So in terms of wars, skirmishes, and tragedies few if there are any would meet a statistical and demographic equivalent. 

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