Saturday, June 15, 2013

GURPS modern fantasy session 04: Give a man a nunchuck

Basially a Game Rundown instead of a Summary
The game took a silly turn, my bad for making a pregen based on black dynamite. But since we have the power of making a game turn in any direction we want, then silly game is still a good game if everyone enjoyed it.

It was a very very dark foreshadowing, I don't mind things going silly. If people enjoyed it then I did my job, and its very relaxing and theraputic visualizing everything 

Despite it being a bit silly, Thomas (Ken) almost got killed 3-4 times because the dice kept rolling 14s on his defense roll. Her burned through 3cp in Fleshwounds and he was not taking any untowards risks, he just got unlucky. 

This game I'm able to better cycle through significant actions unlike before. I feel that I'm better at giving players opportunities to shine in this session, despite how scary things got. 

I got to use almost everyone's disadvantages. Even got a Flashback kicking in for Peter, rolling a 5! Tasha's brother came into play, and I did my cream corn impersonation instinctively. The voice was so high James couldn't make out what I was saying and I couldn't stop cracking up. 

I can do certain impersonations, because you have to really give in to the role, but after the act the feedback loop of having done it and seeing yourself do it is hilarious. I really like the voices and the impersonations of RPing, it really adds something I can't yet define to the experience. 

Its easy for me to copy an impersonation if I get exposed enough and 10eps of black dynamite got me exposed to cream corn a lot. A black dynamite game should really be its own game... 

So given whats happened, I feel that I really have some improvements. There are times where I really don't know what I'm doing and I'm just going with the flow. There is really no way for me to connect X to Y, but I'll make a connection like a badly written TV show. I only prepared enough based on the Wishlist, but the rest is really a sandbox. 

So the Players ended up with 2013 3rd Gen Unarmed Kuratas and Destroying some of Wheel Chair Charlie's Compound. 
GM "As you escape, unnecessary explosion rip through the compound"
Players "Did you place any bombs"
Players "Not me?!"
Players "Where are those explosions coming from?"
Speedy's distaste for guns showed as he ejected the weapons. Steele (aka Black Dynamate) being a stunt driver, also took one of the Kuratas to drive. He basically, took one but took longer than speedy to figure out, but driving as one of his talents he was able to make it work. Using his Kung Fu he practiced on the remaining Kuratas.

Wheel Chair Charlie's compound was terraced wheel chair accessible compound so it basically allowed the mechs to come pick up the PCs after they rescued Fr Arbo.

I rolled a random event that would show up with the PCs having trouble in their approach, two Guards were having friendly "company" when Peter was trying to sneak past. They really out detected Peter which lead to a quick fire fight. A scene strategically described, with nothing very blatant.

The final badguy fight was a Helicoptered Badguy against unarmed Kuratas. Steel uses his chain gun nunchucks and throws it at the helicopter, being a Large Target it hits and brings it down easily. There is no point rolling damage, the helicopter has a gasoline explosion (instead of it crashing then exploding, typically a Bad disconnected consequence which is standard in the trope)

All in all it was a relaxing game and I had the energy to finish up this report.

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