Tuesday, June 25, 2013

IMTU Ship Creation Spreadsheet: EM armor, Ablative Foam, Armor Paste

I added Electro Magnetic Armor (variable Hardening vs Shaped Charge), Ablative Foam (Hardened 1 vs Lasers) and Reactive Armor Paste (Hardened 3 vs Shaped Charge or HEMP). These are UT options but I had to change it so that it is Economically a Feasible Option. Otherwise whats the point.

Here is the Dropbox link to the Lending Copy. Since anyone can edit it, I have to separate the copies so that my original will remain intact. I was supposed to come up with a video how to use the spreadsheet but I had to take care of my son, I got his sore throat.

The Reactive Armor is not homogenous but strategically placed in a certain pattern and intervals. It can be voluntarily activated because it is a paste and foam after all. There are some details I'll leave you to wing.  

I find the option great after learning it costs 1.2 milion to repair 1hp of damage. Basically its a way for ships to take damage but not break the bank.

One of these days I really should write up doctrine in a small statement sized booklet at about 8 pages and all the material you need to run a basic combat scenario for beginners in a Roll20 campaign. Basically run space combat the way Vaclav ran Gladiatorial fights.

Implementing the rules that make full use of the crew and allows me to make a more hard-sci fi doctrine and giving it a feel of a party based combat. particularly using EW and beam head missiles (beams like particle accelerators, not just lasers) like in Honorverse. And like in Honorverse, the GURPS, L5R or GoT in their space combat, there is always attrition... very very severe attrition.

Rewatching Ghost in the Shell and after learning bout Pax

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