Saturday, January 18, 2014

The War Beneath Heaven S02 E04 reboot Summary

The team basically tried to cripple a Mega Church from taking over their team mate's territory. Although the Team mate wanted to kill the church agents compromise was reached and they decided to destroy the Church's reputation by attacking the PR firm (since the Church's rely on the professionals). They did this by doing social engineering against the innocent but the very competent' Account Director lady. The adventure was basically making her life terrible so that she would leave before they launched a malware attack. So the guys ended up digging up her ex, making it appear he's stalking her and leaving weird messages (which is more fun than it should be), they got her a job offer in HK, and blew up her serviced residence unit. 

Since the PR firms managed the dirt, in the month of June 2013 the whole world learn about the mega church and various scandals, and public pressure is placed to investigate them (which will be eventually bought off since the group learned the church has diamond mines and many other assets). Since they are one of the best Security Firms, they landed the mega church as their "client" and like PCs are violated rules of ethics by taking them on lolz. Justifiably, it was tossed that if you want to make those charges stick you got to take them on as their Security Service provider. 

There is clearly a disconnect in expectation, from Street-level to Empire building. I have to think about how best I will accommodate all, the activities of Bill was a good cue and break. Since some characters can be "back in the office" and provide support remotely, some characters will be taking point (a PC needs to be in the encounter).  

Still the consequence of their Actions are showing and the Alignments are making things difficult. Mind-Rape (mind search spell) was an option that was shot down, but suggested by the character who was pacifistic (in killing innocents) but gray in the area of violence (who happens to be violent himself; so mind rape option was concerned). Bill voiced opposition to the idea, and pointed out exactly that these are the things he doesn't want magic to be used.... and that's what Bill is... the mage conscience of the group who can be a bit enthusiastic having learned of magic and taught about what is going on beneath the veil. He's going to help out people and consult with the Prince and Knight regarding whats happening magically. His brother (with his obsessions) will be working to find out more about their previous enemy. 

Speedy, having been responsible killing the helicopter pilot has taken the family of the pilot as his dependents (secretly; friends advised not telling them) so he's going to be helping them out. $600/mo. for the forseable future and advancing $5,000 should cover funeral and other necessities using SGC (their ally lawfirm's charity foundation) as a front. He personally (in the electronic shadows) fixed education and  various other future needs of the children, and even provides enough money for the wife to study if she decides. the Empress will personally help in this kind of reparation, and potentially "push" her to educate and train herself since her kids are not too young. 

Cheng is going to fill the power vacuum by making his own Gang. I guess I'll need to get a psychological/socialogical profile of what his gang is going to be. As for recruitment, depends on how far he wants to reach out and what are the goals of the gang. Mention of creating his own Tong is pretty cool. 

There are a few new Character faces and allies. Jakub and Fish just got out of the hospital and is being nursed by Constanz, a skilled caregiver and one of the other prisoners rescued. They are friends of Martin Quesada, a fairly successful businessman who is into manufacturing and construction with a factory.  

By the end of the game, they have converted the old church into a Civil Center and invited some friendly churches to grow and spread there (Episcopalian i think). Despite Cheng's territorial growth, crime is unusually lower because of the civil center and the influence of HSS and SGC is stronger in the Heights. the Church of Haven is having been dealt a blow, is currently reeling and unable to offer its services at the moment. Remaining factions are Legba group and the Luna dynasty who are intersted in developing the area.

Legba group is approaching Cheng if they can jointly develop a Low income Housing and Commercial Center. Offering him majority share, to buy up more of the area. They will be sending him an NDA and their written proposal before the next session. 

The Luna group is approaching HSS, particularly Thomas' side of the business as a partner for an eminent domain take over of some of the housing for the much controversial Subway system. They property they want is HSS property for one of the main stations. Leorazon is of the same mind, but has left HSS hanging. Thomas is particularly interested in the project because it means tunnels and his ability to make more underground networks for HSS. The subway serves him as a way to better hide his infra if he is own of the owning firms. 

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