Monday, January 6, 2014

Work and Writing for 2014

Work is really what determines how much I can blog and the quality of my writing and material. It's really a part time thing like everyone else who has a non-creative day job like myself.

2014 holds for me much uncertainty because my studies were interrupted and some other studies puts such a strain on my personal life I find myself trying  distract myself to avoid I falling into spiraling depression (and who wants to read about that). There are few freedoms of a non professional blog such as game in the brain and I can touch on topics that are not very professional particularly frustrations at work.

It's been quite clear that my frustrations at work fuels my writing, most of my inspirations come from the details and hindsight learning from deals and challenges too impossible and unfair (and unprofessional to discuss). So much of it builds into the third world atmosphere of Haven, the campaign setting I'm running, and the annoying/frustrating dilemma of everyday ethical problem-solving that tax sensibilities to complete indifference.

So what happens in 2014, I predict I'll be finding my step and while doing so I'll be so distracted writing topics from all over the place. Still work incites some outrage now and then, which is good and this means you will see Haven grow. I will either commission or draw it myself. Know before 2015 I'll at least have a biz plan and talked to the artists on the scope of the project. Hope to make it usually via the personal maps tool in google maps.

Finalizing my magical doctrine has removed a gigantic obstacle for me, GURPS magic and the supernatural is not anymore an alien and unpredictable beast. In 2014 will mean content that will allow me to exert control and dominance over magic in my games (to an extent lolz ). I now have a basic doctrine to build over for low tech, semi-historical, and even ultra tech fantasy reviving my FADING suns kitchen sink with Mecha and Cyberpunk Notes.

I've created, organized, and unified my material in a way that my campaign will make use of Gurps mass combat, city stats, Action:exploits, and Spaceships (only book one so it's easy for people to get into; and by extension Mecha and vehicles). Expect Notes that will use these books in conjunction (that their intended) , which is really I find strangely lacking.

Promises I hope to keep: hands-on Onair video of how to play certain games and certain rules. I'm one of those people who learn faster by analogy and I want to exercise my knowledge by making a demonstration. So I plan to make demos, even if it's just going to be me doing funny voices as long as you can see my screen and moving around tokens and the map. I want to show how to play and not tell.

Anyway like any New Year resolutions these are all our best intentions, anything can happen but we write it down so we can organize and align our resources to best achieve these outcomes.
Hope you guys have a good year! 

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