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Sins of the Crusade S01 E03 - Taranto

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+Wilton Heath - Cato Vorenus an Honest Naepolitan Merchant and client of House Milessenos.+Il Pella - Xenophon Papagiannopolous, Captain of the Zardakos+Thunder Clonch - Teritus Maxentius, Guardsman of the House Milessenos

  • The Party had to have a plan entering an Enemy City, not just any enemy - the Lands of Bohemond of Taranto son of Robert Guiscard and one of the Commanders in the battle of Dyrrhachium. A personal enemy of the Emperor. They had to prepare papers that they came from Syracuse (which I confused for Crete; so if you watch the video I was thinking of Fatamid Controlled Crete). They had Customs Duties officers harass them but the captains experience and talent showed through and verbally bludgeoned the duties officers.  
  • Upon arrival, there was a lot of planning and information gathering. They noticed the City was filled with soldiers. Bohemon was recruiting and training, it showed in the economy and the prices of goods. There were soldiers everywhere and they were poorly paid but well drilled. They manage to learn about the city  and formulated a few plans (this takes a lot of time and discussion). 
  • While learning more about the town they caught someone listening into their conversations. A traveller with a German accent Konrad was able to place. They take a "walk" and get to know each other. The "traveler" is a scout measuring strengths of the Norman armies, particularly the most active one. (see diagram) he pretty much figured they were "with the greeks". They exchanged notes, proposing they try to convince bohemond to fight for the emperor - a very long shot but points out information about him
    • That Bohemmon is very greedy and paranoid, his usurpation of his brothers rights makes this evident. 
    • Relationship o Bohemmon and his brothers. 
    • He is rallying troops with inflated promises. He will stop at nothing to gain glory, and he is incredibly dangerous and resourceful. 
    • he warns them of Silverio and explains the history and relationships they've gathered. 
  • The team had their own plans, and did many arrangements and set about serveral intrigues in motions. They settled on having Tertius and Xeno joining as a mercenaries. While Konrad and Cato as merchants trying to do business in Taranto. 
  • A week has passed when they were settling in and making arrangements when while they were outside of the city looking for a place to secretly meet they stumbled on to some soldiers returning with a captive with them. The Soldiers slipped into a well hidden grove, and when they were splitting the goods the Xeno interceded and tried to talk them down. They were caught red handed in banditry, which meant death or quartering for a soldier. They tried to get rid of the party and the combat lasted only seconds - their greater skill showing through. Xeno took a wound, and it would prove a problem in the training days to come (and having to explain it would get him into trouble).
    • Cato couldn't stand goods going to waste, at the same time conflicted about the fighting which he is deathly afraid of.  
  • They rescued Catena, the victim, who they discretely brought to the church and hid the stolen possessions. Catena is a traders daughter (poorer than a merchant), and she seems to have lost everyone in the ambush. 
  • The weeks that followed was very eventful
    • They discover the courtesan of Bohemmond - Lady Oletta. Cato befriends her agent and maid, Adonai. 
    • They, Xeno and Tertius, get to know Mauger, the Dane-Norman, master at arms of the Behomond. 
    • They train and use Lucretia as discrete armswoman part of the diplomatic core (Cato, Konrad, Bert-hold, and Velus). 
    • Xeno befriends Ponziano. 
    • They maintain connection with Erhard. 
    • They send Miraclones with introduction to the Vorenus family in Naples. they will try recruiting there. They will try to set up a manner of sending messages to Constantinople. 

It looks like a lot of scenarios will play out next sessions. This session had a lot of foundation and set up. I will try to draw a diagram in prep, hopefully I have the time. A diagram of the Taranto. 

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