Saturday, April 26, 2014

War Beneath Haven S02 E11 - the Mountain, end of Season 02

Season 1: 8 episodes May 17 to November
Season 2: 11 episodes Feb to April 26


  1. The party began the adventure in the mountain, having crashed their vehicle in their escape. It was late so they rest. They took a couple of hours to fix things up and went on their watch and sleep shifts at 8pm. Two shifts, on the second shift Eeshu found a silver cord dripping liquid down from a tree. When he alerted everyone another silver cord lashed at him and he freed himself with a knife. Archie and Jack began firing, Archie had NVG while jack had better aim. The creature was hurt, trying to escape it jumped down and it happend to be a 400lb spider. They made sure it was dead and Eeshu was able to collect its poison sac. When they finally began to move, they discovered Dimitri dead from asphyxiation.
  2. The party moved on, the objective is to reach one of the last ditch effort safe houses found in the float junkyard beside the container yard. First they had to get out of the mountain, and they could only move east to cross it (thanks to Eeshu's knowledge of the mountain). They proceeded up and saw a ravaged shanty community, tracks could tell a story to those skilled enough to read them. They avoided the tracks, but encountered a 5m/15ft giant.  It caught another shanty dweller, the giant took it and almost caught wind of Jack it waited but something summoned it. 
  3. When they crested the mountain they can see the mist escaping the mountain and creatures emerging from it. It took people and consumed them. There were many creatures and they can see the Magus' territories as they prevented the mist from closing in. They all took a rest because it was 2km hike up the mountain. They left when they can see the silhouette of giants climbing up. 
  4. They climbed down, and they encountered giants returning from forage. The party was able to ambush them - one giant's head was riddled with 20+ rounds of a P90 (the head was huge) by Archie. The other giant, the larger one, had his brain's blown off when Jack shot a .300 winchester through an eye. The third was stunned with paralytic poison by eeshu and its legs blown off by Fish, and froze just before being able to smash Jack. They made sure it was dead. The shots rang loud and they can see a rush of more giants coming at them. They escape below, Speedy's mobility allowing them to steal a large van to escape. 
  5. Tasha drove them and they parked far to observe who was at the scene. Emily and Yasuf (Osman's Son), did not respond in the secret radio signal the group had in place in such emergency. Black SUVs arrived and many armed men came over to the scene. A sedan with Thomas came, it stopped when it saw SUVs and went around. The team tried to follow Thomas. When they found him, he entered through the Container Yard. Constanz was with him, and they were stopped by soldiers. The team assembled in cover and Speedy tried to get Thomas' attention. He answered them, talking down the soldiers, but then walked over to Speedy. There was something terribly wrong, Jeni tried to stop them. Thomas tries to kill speedy, but his spectacular HT saves him. Everyone tried to kill Thomas at this point, a sword appeared from no where and tried to stab Jeni (which the GM rolled 16 for). 
    1. Jack shot with his sniper rifle, and blew off his own arm. Archie remembered the encounter with the mage and tried to attack the sword wielding thomas with his carbine. two soldiers, Eeshu and Speedy used ranged with predictable consequences. Eeshu managed to get hit with his own spear, and survives the paralytic on a 7. Speedy goes down when he tazed himself. The two soldiers got knocked down, all simultaneously. 
    2. On the next round everyone gangs up on Thomas, and they bring him down. In his Speedy sweeping the legs under him and everyone successfully attacking him. He cripples speedy in his defense. Constanz who has eliminated the other guards creates fire around Thomas forcing everyone to dodge and retreat. Jeni does something to force Constanz to dispel the fire. 
    3. When Thomas recovers he makes her pay, just before the other renew their attack. Jeni goes down, Eeshu deals the killing blow to Thomas. 
  6. Before Contanz could use magery to escape or harm the soldiers, Dylan takes her down. He approaches the party and points out to them that with Thomas dead he is their new boss, if they would accept him. Thomas dies leaving a large number of ownership reverting to Speedy, who is actually valuable because he is HSS chief engineer. To save Jeni, Dylan asks for Speedys loyalty (a Geas). Speedy accepts. He then recruits Archie, pointing out the murder in the elevator and his protection - they negotiate and come to a price. He then approaches Jack with an offer and the restoration of his arm. Eushu, is also approached with the "opportunity" to help the people of his "empire". 

Limited Aftermath

  1. The party gets a huge CP pay out. Enough points to allow characters to round out any deficiencies they may need.  I will help the party establish roles. 
  2. The heights need to be retaken, and the Party will be given time and resources to slowly build up forward bases and a presence. Dylan is their Patron, and they will be having mission dealing with mages and other supernatural factions to control more territory. 
    1. I plan to see if it is feasible make many adventures set in the african continent - the new frontier! Empire Estates expanding and buying out territory there. 
  3. HSS is now a company of Empire Estates, and Dylan means to make a bigger profit from the businesses that operates in the Shadow ISP network. 
  4. Enough time will pass that the party's adventures begin again in 2014 Feb. 
  5. Season 3: 1st week or 2nd week of June. 

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