Thursday, July 31, 2014

Learning Stuff Categorically

Learning stuff category helps for me. Like the confusing thing for me about Knockdown and Stunning checks.
Knock down and Stunning HT check is called if you take HP/2 in damage (aka major wound) OR damage to vitals. >
If you take Hp/2 damage to vitals the check is -5.
> major wound to the vitals like the skull and eyes the check is -10.

In the book B420 it would have helped for me if major wound was "under" Knockdown and Stunning. An Major Wound to Vitals was "under" major wound.

For me gurps combat is easier to understand if broken down to Maneuvers and Attack Options. Slam, Shove, Hit location (aka Called shot), Deceptive Attack, and *Feint fall under hit locations.

Maneuvers simplified into 5 groups.

  1. Do Nothing - Do Nothing aka "Pass"
  2. Mental Actions - Aim, Evaluate, Concentrate, Wait
  3. Movement - Change Posture, Move, Ready, 
  4. Defense - All-out-Defense
  5. Attacking - Feint*, (Standard) Attack, All-out-Attack, Move and Attack, Defensive Attack, Committed Attack
*Feint APPEARS like an attack, and should be under "attack". It should be indistinguishable from a normal attack. It would be simpler to assume it is an attack option and removed from the Maneuvers category.

Blue appears in GURPS Martial Arts.

I can simplify it even more if I base it on appearance - Do nothing is lumped into Mental Actions. Defense is in Movement. Explaining it to people that there are 3 Broad categories of Maneuvers is much easier than 14 maneuvers.

All the Attack options found in One list, neatly organized.

  1. Hit-Location aka "Called Shot"
    1. Striking Weapons 
    2. Striking Shields
  2. Deceptive Attack
  3. Feint (in RAW limbo, in many situations its like Attack option)
  4. Slam
  5. Shove
  6. Rapid Strike
  7. Unarmed Attack Options 
    1. Striking 
      1. Punch
      2. Kick
      3. Elbow Strike
    2. Grab
    3. Grappling
      1. Initiate a Grapple
      2. Takedown
      3. Pin
      4. Choke/Strangle
      5. Arm Lock
      6. Wrench Limb
      7. Judo Throw

Ok. this is just the tip of the iceberg and I think I'm going to have to hold some sample encounters for my new to gurps players. I go more into this in my Gdocs GURPS combat notes, I use this to improve my system teaching. 

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