Wednesday, March 18, 2015

[Reflections] Ads for Skilled Players

Early on I realized that information is a barrier between people. As much as Shared Interests can connect us, differences in Interests separate us. I hated the vicious cycle of how this worked and how disconnected it made me feel. When I learn something, it should not make it harder to connect to people. The more I know, the more differences it can create and the natural thing for me was to make these differences matter more than they should.

I was reminded by this again when I noticed that trend of "Skilled Players Wanted!" I get it, it takes time to teach people to play a certain game. I felt that even more when I tried to teach people GURPS and realize I've made a pretty steep requirement for Interaction. I realized that was the problem of how I played DnD or GURPS, with all the expansions and companion rules I required. Holy Crap I'm distancing myself from people. 

It was first expressed in my personal philosophy and then towards my gaming. Tearing down those walls and reworking all the things I learned into being System Agnostic - its like becoming a Humanist. Of course there is the system I grew up with, and the system I know very well - but in the end I have to strip away the system and look at principles that can be applied universally. 

 So we can talk about games, I can "Yes&" in any gaming conversation if I can get down to the Attention Mechanics and Soft Skills that creates the Game Experience. We use game systems like Tools, and we each have a particular technique in applying these tools. I want to ask about your technique.

Everyone is in various stages and levels in their life. Its life, I should be able to relate if I work with what matters. Everyone wants to game, they will channel their desires and imagination and I should be able to work with it if I listen.

I guess it should boil down to "if the person is a pain in the butt?". Thats all that matters, people easy to deal with is all I need to make a great game experience. 

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