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Sins of the Crusade Time Line Leading up to 1092

The detail and how often the pieces fit from the various Wikipedia entries are awesome. This is for my players but the amount of work it took to assemble this was very considerable so I am sharing it. I am aware that Im just using wikipedia articles, but this is an Alternate history.  This is continuously going to be improved and detailed. This is from the point of view of Conrad.

If you see a F or M that's gender, and the number is the age. You will see "Then" to give context to the age then vs 1092.

1092 (Present)

  • Emperor Henry IV attacks Matilda of Tuscany
  • Feb Tzachas, a Seljuq Turkic emir who assumed the title of emperor in Izmir with possession of the Thracesia, Cibyrrhaeots, and Cyprus Provinces. 
  • April John II Komnenos co-emperor at the age of five.  Anna Komnene’s (F9) betrothal to co-emperor Constantine Doukas (M18) and replaced with Nikephoros Bryennios the Younger grandson of Nikephoros Bryennios the Elder 
  • May. Megas Doux John Doukas, Thalasocrator Constatnine Dalassenos, Strategos Manuel Boutoumites, are set to Siege of Symrna/Izmir to deal with Tzachas


  • Feb Stephen II Dies with no Heir, Kingdom of Croatia Civil War
  • March Doux John Komnenos son of Isaac, is sent to pacify the Kingdom of Croatia and prevent the Expansion of King Ladislaus I of Hungray.
  • March  Ariebes (Armienian Noble) and Count Constantine Humbertopolous (a Frankish Knight Mercenary) was involved with a failed plot against Alexius. 
  • April 29 The Battle of Levounion is a turning point of the Roman Empire after so many losses. This is when machinations and planning to reconquer the lost Anatolian Provinces would begin. 


  • Former Emperor Micheal VII (M40) Doukas dies in Constantinople 


  • March Otto of Ostia is elected Pope Urban II
  • April. Tzachas Bey rebelled and seized Smyrna and continues to harass the Roman navy contesting control of the Aegean Sea. 
  • The Second Great Saxon revolt lead by  Rudolf von Rheinfeld

Egbert II, Margrave of Meissen proclaimed himself Anti-king to Henry IV


  • Suleyman bin Kutalmish captures Antioch and tries to massacre the inhabitants. He’s killed by Tutush I, avenging the death of Arp Aslan his father. 
  • Abu Al-Quasim takes over Cappadocia, Opsikion, and Optimaton Provinces and calls himself Sultan.  


  • Suleyman bin Kutalmish and Kilij Arslan expands the  Sultanate of Rûm and proceed east to contest his descendants of Arp Aslan.
  • July Robert Guiscard Dies and Bohemond leaves to contest his half-brother’s succession of Italian Holdings. 


  • Suleyman bin Kutalmish,  Kilij Arslan I and Abu Al-Quasim  and conquers Cappadocia, Opsikion, and Optimaton Provinces establishing the Sultanate of Rûm.  
  • Emperor Alexios bribes Emperor Henry IV to attack Rome to force Pope Gregory to recall Robert Guiscard. 


  • The Emperor Alexios bribes Emeperor Henry IV to attack the Papal States. This causes the Pope to recall Robert Guiscard, leaving a small force to hold what they just captured last year. 
  • The Emperor Alexios refinances the Army by confiscating the wealth of the church. He gets the Republic of Venice and Almafi to ally with him with free trade and monpoly agreements. 
  • Recapture of Dyrrachium under Ventian and Almafian Naval Siege. 
  • Croatia, Dalmatia to the Romans, is given to the Ventians. 
  • Hermann of Salm elects himself as anti king to Henry IV
  • Henry IV attacks Rome. 


  • Feb Emperor Nikephoros III Botaneiates tried to eliminate Alexios and his brothers but escape. Anna Delassenos and Empress Maria of Alania create a situation that allows him to March into the city to 
  • April Coronation of Alexios I with the promise of his Regency until Constantine (XI) Doukas comes to age to become emperor and marries his daughter Anna Komnena.  
  • May Duke Robert Guiscard Launches his attack on byzantine territories. 
  • Emperor Henry IV marched against Matilda of Tuscany
  • October Battle of Dyrrhachium (byzantine loss). Byzantine-Norman Wars. Robert Guiscard (M66 then), Bohemund (M23 then), Sichelgaita of Salerno (F41 then) and Constantine Bodin (M36 then). The Roman experienced Norman Couched-Lanced shock tactics in the first time. 


  • March Nicephorus Botaniates becomes Emperor and marries Emperor Michael's VII Doukas wife and Empress Maria of Alania and eliminates NIkephoritzes.  NIkephoritzes escapes only to be captured and tortured to death. 
  • Battle of Kalavry - Alexios, Constantine Katakalon under the banner of Emperor Nicephorus III Botaniates, vs Nikephoros Bryennios the Elder .


  • Jan. Walk of Canossa
  • Three Emperors War - Micheal VII Doukas had his two most powerful generals rise in revolt. Doux Nikephoros Bryennios the Elder of Dyrrhachium and Western Themes rose up in rebellion and declared Emperor. Doux Nikephoros Botaneiates of Anatolic Theme and Eastern Provinces with the aid of the Seljuq declared himself Emperor.
  • Roussel de Bailleul is was released to deal with Usurper Nicephorus Botaniates where he defeats him and tries to turns traitor. He is captured by Seljuqs and executed that same year. 


  • Alexios tricks Roussel de Bailleul which causes 
  • Roussel de Bailleul conquered the Opsikion, Bucellarians, and Cappadocia Provinces. He crowns himself Emperor. Emperor Michael VII  persuades  Tutush I to attack him, and he is tricked tricked by Alexios where he is captured by Tutush. 


  • Roussel de Bailleul, tried to make a kingdom out of the Optimatoi Province. 
  • Roger Hauetvil captures Sicily to be Roger of Sicily, brother of Robert Guiscard. 
  • The First Great Saxon revolt


  • Co-Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes was plotting to return to power was dismantled by only to be blinded and die a slow and painful death from an infection. 
  • Doux Nikephoros Karantenos pacified the revolt of Constantine Bodin
  • Emperor Arp Aslan (father of Emperor Malik I and Tutush I) was defeated by Suleiman ibn Kutalmish (father of Kilij Aslan) in battle. 
  • Investiture Contraversy begins with Pope Gregory vs Henry IV 


  • April Fall of Bari (Italian Byzantine Holdings) despite Doux Nikephoros Karantenos efforts where he delt with Normans in Italy and had to pacify the Balkans. 
  • August Battle of Manzikert - Emperor Romanos IV Diogenes, step father of Micheal VII Doukas and Regent Emperor had the disastrous loss against the Arp Aslan of Seljuk. This resulted with the Seljuq and Roussel de Bailleul take over Anatolia. Emperor Romanos IV Diogenese was captured and Emperor Micheal VII (M21) came to the throne depending a lot on NIkephoritzes eunuch and Chief Minister of State. When he was ransomed back, he lost power to his son-in-law.  


  •  Romanos IV Diogenes married Eudokia Makrembolitissa against the wishes of former Emperor Constantine X Doukas. Despite being only Co-Emperor to Micheal VII Doukas (M18 then), he usurped his son to become emperor.  

Roman Provinces 

  • Thrace-Macedonia 
  • Thessalonica- Strymon (Doux Nikephoros Milesenos)
  • Hellas-Nicopolis 
  • Peloponnese 
  • Aegean Sea (Megas Doux John Doukas)
  • Crete 
  • Dyrrhachium (Doux John Komnenos)

Partially Controlled Regions

  • Paristrion - Buffer Region and Barbarian-Roman Colony
  • Archbishopric of Orhid (Bulgaria) 
  • Sirmium (Contested with Croatia and Hungary)

Neighboring States

  • Kingdom of Croatia (Civil War)
  • Duchy of Naples (Protosebastos Duke Sergius of Naples)
  • Kingdom of Hungary (King Ladislaus M53 )
  • Duchy of Poland (Duke Władysław I Herman)
  • Grand Principality of Kiev (Grand Prince Vsevold I)
  • made up of Principality of Kiev, Principality of Chernigov and Principality of Pereyaslavl
  • Kingdom of Georgia (King David IV the Builder)
    • Archbishop George of Chqondidi  

Marauding and Roving Peoples

  • Pechenegs
  • Cumans
  • Kipchaks

Other Empires

Holy Roman Empire 

  • Emperor Henry IV (M42)
  • Henry, Count of Monte Sant'Angelo,

Papal States 

  • Pope Urban II
  • Matilda of Canossa (F46)

Republic of Venice

  • Doge Vitale Faliero of House Fano.

Sultanate of Rum

  • Abu Al-Quasim
  • Chaka Bey

Sejuk Empire

  • Malik Shah
  • Tutush I

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