Thursday, April 16, 2015

Back to Basics - Each Session is a Unique Dialogue

Realizing Each Session as a Unique Dialogue is a new mnemonic/coping mechanism and tool for me. A session is not just a Game, but a Conversation where we deep dive into the character. We find something NEW, and we do that from the challenges and conflict that come up. particularly the un-intended consequences and random events that happen in the game. 


Let me emphasize in a UNIQUE dialogue. As an Objective, that means I have to come away with learning something new about the PCs or Players. Something material to add to my notebook and game notes. Its discovering a New thing to Appreciate about the Players.

Particularly something Unpredictable! This metric is challenging if I am able to control or limit my expectations and when I am reeling from the stunning effect of my expectations being bypassed and I have to work to catch up. 


Unique Dialogue vs Conversation. Dialogue means really LISTENING. Often used by manipulative people to frame a situation, falsely, as a way to cause *Unilateral  (One sided) Change vs *BiLateral (Both Sides) Change. 

*I find them "Big Words" and Jargon used to confuse people.

In any point in the GM session, I should be asking myself - Did I learn something new? 

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