Monday, September 14, 2015

Present-day Africa - My next Modern Game

Initial African Studies Notes So I'm using the broad strokes of Demographic and Economic Data, and will proceed to go into more and more detail. I've set up Google Alerts on DRC and Nigeria. I'm slowly learning more and more of the differences. The wife recommeded the IMF data since its more uptodate. I realized I should also use Gapminder.

Still looking for more books on Africa. Ideally Audio Lectures I can play at 1.5x speed. Youtube and Crash Courses has material, there is a Extra History on Zulu Empire. Google Play Books would be nice except its hella expensive, Its where I found $2,000usd books, and only app that uses the Text to Speech API.

I plan to exhaust Wikipedia, and then proceed up to secondary and closer to source materials. Of course doing this while I juggle a bunch of stuff, like my more serious effort in Mandarin Studies.

Predictably, the wealthier and stable countries have the most complete info and commentary. The poorest and least stable has outdated data. The Philippines as an Emerging Economy and the natural inclination to know its neighbors is also adding more context to the subtleties of Emerging and Frontier Economies and Markets.

I want to be a GM and a Person who can differentiate between various African countries, peoples, and politics. Understand it, like the appreciation I've gained in each field of history I've studied and find interesting characters and people from learning more about it.

Africa is the most far removed and alien from my situation. One of the reasons I'm studying Africa is because I believe as the world shifts in the accelerated development of the Pacific Rim nations and South America, India and China, Africa will play a more decisive role and I want to be one of the first GMs running setting as the most bleeding edge near future sci-fi.

Looking for other people who want to work with me fill this spreadsheet up. Again, offering my local expertise of the Philippines in return.

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