Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Some Updates: Studies, Organization, and Challenges

Some updates:

So we are learning to use a coding-less mobile app builder in work. there are two other Coding-Less system builders we are going to learn: one for sites and one for servers. I have plans to use it on my hobby. Particularly content in Game in the Brain that would make my GMing easier and the site better. I have a particular design in mind, but its scopes all depend on my free time and the learning milestones I can achieved.

I'm in a particular position to Gamify Good Habits and Personal Workflows in an actionable and measurable way as well as create the tools to make Game Mastering focus on more relationships and navigating and dealing with Social (Open-ended) Challenges (See non-linear games; Puccio Creative Leadership). Of course I'm one man, with about 4-6 hours a week of free time. I take double the time because I'm documenting and experimenting with workflows.

I've owned the domain of Game in the Brain and hope to be able to maintain stuff as I'm crysalis into studies, health, and various duties and responsibilities before getting back fully into games. I've consciously made the effort to resist running a game, because of the "Grown Up" stuff I need to do. I've recorded my games: which leaves me a lifetime of flaws to correct and habits to grow into.

I've pretty much Identified my main challenges in the regard of Gaming. Although i'm still pulled in 3 different directions: Studies on China, Africa, and Philippine History (in light of the successful General Luna movie bringing Philippine History back in the attention of the nation's psyche). Africa is still a fascinating study in so many aspects, its size and population makes it a whole new world and the affect of technology here in the Emerging and Frontier market-aspects has created futures not fully thought out by many. Then there is Philippine History, I used to run games in set in the late 19C and now people are looking for it. I'm so well equip now to run it and there is a market for it, fresh from the movie's influence BUT I have priorities. I'm sure there will be another Filipino GM who knows enough history to run the setting in a way to maximize drama and excitement... I hope. (so far I know no one who is as pedantic in late 19C lifestyle, economics, and investigation who was also into RPGs )

Lately I've finished a lesson on Moral Decision Making I don't think its made me a better person, but definitely gave me ammunition to Framing a Difficult Situation and attack Certainty of an Course of Action. Particularly the Socratic awareness and techniques that help in cultivating the mindset of Humble Inquiry as well as I. F.O.R.E.S.A.W. I.T..

So work and life is fuelling my ideas for a game. I have to hold it off, but note that when I exercise and run, the only thing motivating me are the games I want to run. Everyone needs a sense of motive to do hard physical activity, and for me trying to feel how characters push physical limits and get in that mindspace is what engages me in exercise. I need to run games soon because I'm running on the hope of running games again lolz.

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