Friday, October 23, 2015

IMTU: Panspermia, Phylogenic Tree, "Democratic Republic"

Bouncing ideas off +Nick de Vera when I learned this term. For lack of imagination I will move the panspermia IMTU back to early biologicals instead of "human" transplantation. So basically its at the most root of the Phylogenic tree that can survive space travel.

But not all alien life forms will be from the same Panspermia Earth is from and many truly alien life forms exist, even within Sol. This is only to connection with IMTU Vilani. And the existence of several panspermias where more alien life forms can be found to fuel a discovery based campaign when there is more Imagination about the forms of life that can exist divergent from our own origins.

With Pantropic humans, the standard for what is "Alien" would be much looser. As well as the existence of Pantropic Aliens. The Villani's Feudalistic System can be great "propaganda" of evil, and Sol would be using key words like "Alliances, Democratic, Peaceful" the way countries like The Democractic Republic of the Congo and Korea use such terms. Memetic countermeasures are used extensively to misinform intentions and decieve.

Drawing from the real world, I realize that a stable developed world would have an economy designed to export its rebellious or divisive people. An Economy based on the short term memory of the majority of its population could get away shipping out its Brightest and most Disruptive people to found new colonies in hope they would fail and die.

What would be interesting is that such a great idea to keep stability (an economy designed to expel them in the propaganda of "discovery" and "enterprise") would also be a great way to get people to adopt Pantropic physiology in resource rich systems.

After a terrible life of colonizing a world and returning to Sol to show that they have found a new way to live harmony, where they are instantly seen as a threat and Sol has a variety of ways to deal with them:
  • Bring them under Sols "Protection" and "re-education"
  • Trigger some dormant clauses in their Colony Contract with Compound Interest
  • Let them into the "Alliance" and Draft them into: 
    • Making more Colonies 
    • Enter into Trade War with other resistant Colonies 
    • Enter into War with Hostile Colonies
    • Defend the Frontier from Space Faring Aliens
I can imagine Anarchists, Dictatorships, Oligarchies, Hegemonies, and Kingdoms that would fall prey in the memetic traps of being "Evil" and "Oppressive".

I want to explore Truely Alien life which have a very alien sense of time: 
What if Saturn and Jupiter has life forms that exist in its storms made of the an energy network, giving the Gas Giant a somewhat Sapient capability. Its storms is the chemistry of its physiology. 

Many life forms that arise and disintegrate and a brand new life form is created with traces of the past life forms, but never gaining a level of complexity as plants or animals. Emergent sapiens like slime molds that die and recombine into a different organism again and again. 

Stuff that I would possibly imagine if I had an acid trip.  

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