Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Traveller Musings; the world of 2015 as opposed to the 70s.

 reading up on traveller got me thinking:

1) a system for preparation and training lacking in the game system is strange. If they have 168 hours on the ship per jump in travel time, there should be rules for self training. It would be incredibly boring. A lot of morale sustainability is having causes and ideals greater than oneself - lifelong learning is a stabilizing trait. Especially when there is so much time and knowledge.

2) In light of the martian and harder SF, i want to change the homeworld system into a "Physical" adaption system. Note that to be physically adapted to a particular planet is a Social De-mobilizer. Space travel capability is social mobility.

I want to use Developed, Emerging, and Frontier market system to make backgrounds and use the modern world and our enhanced as the template, as the 70s America was for traveller. But thats me wanting to have a wider view of the world, and look at the emerging and frontier market in a new light. Challenging the stereo types africa, china, and india, are fighting against.

This means Large Emerging Markets (Brazil, China, ASEA, and India) are rapidly overtaking the developed markets (but these entities are multifaceted and heterogeneous and with many internal conflicts ), Societal Stagnation in Developed markets and the lowering mobility (as it slides into entropy) of its Middle class, and Frontier Markets like Africa as an inspiration for frontier worlds.

Particularly the Social mobility limitations of Post-Humans. Heavy Worlders, Storm Worlders, Cold Worlders, Fire worlders, Barren Worlders, and Void Nomads make up most of the Frontier Worlds.

Emerging market economies have the largest middle class of all (if you combine the middle class of all the emerging markets they are the fastest growing in the world as to the declining middle class in the developed markets) are similar except they have more cyberware that allow them greater survivability and social mobility.

And in developed markets only the Warrior or Merchant or Religious class makes up their "adventuring" personas as they have a very calcified underclass that is trapped.

I realized the perspective of the Emerging market middle class is something very new and different. With a lot of influence from the middle class of developed economies but nuanced in a totally alien way. 

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