Monday, November 9, 2015

Scope of Making a Sci-fi Reaction Drive Doctrine

In reaction to the Rob Garrita's Reaction Drives discussion I've done some basics research.

So i've inputed some of the formulas from GURPS Spaceships into a Calc Spreadsheet. I realize this is the begining of a whole lot of head ache, so I might as scope out the task if its worth doing OR find out from input from You guys, if anything worth cutting out.

In the end scoping out the Task is, at least, a step in the direction to having something workable. People can cut and paste the scope to edit it if they care to attempt. If they do, please alert me so as I can discover your ideas and assumptions.  

Scope of Work
  • Set the Goals of the System. List down the goals of creating such a body of knowledge so that much of the decision making on what to put in is consistent. 
  • Spreadsheet with all the Calculations.
    • Currently using those found in GURPS Spaceships. I dont know what calculations outside  of those in the book will be needed.
  • Re-Working the Traveller SRD's ship creation to easily accommodate more of these reaction drives. 
    • Use Metric System. Sorry but dTons based on Hydrogen density is a problem for me. I like using dTons based on metric tons. I would like to use Real World Ships to give a sense of size and scale. The Liberty Ships of WW2 is my target size. 
    • Try to Look into OSHA and IMO certification.
  • Research Atomic Rockets the following
  • Find out how Orbital Positioning is done
    • I need to Scope what kind of APP can be used to make and calculate systems details. 
    • Will review my math, note that I'm in management and I dont use any high level maths.
  •  Plot some Assumptions. This kinda happens after i get an idea of how things work.
    • Economic Assumptions in Productivity
    • Technological Assumptions (computation and 
      • Get how much Computing Power is needed to calculate position 
    •  Biological Assumptions.

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