Monday, November 23, 2015

Blender, Krita, and Make Human.

Anyway, if you are a gamer who gets inspired by the Game to do Art then we have a lot in common.

Wonder how many GMs or players would like to learn 3d modeling (specifically blender)? Every time I think of Scifi I keep going back to my blender tutorials. I've been doing some analysis on workflow and think its possible to make "rough ship designs (without textures aka skins) in half and hour. Near presentable with practice from cold starts. But it would probably take 10-20 hours of practice before the workflow becomes smooth (even more depending on how distracted you are with other projects).

As for textures and the rendering, with a narrow enough scope its possible to boil down the prep for such 4-6 hours a simple project. The final output would be enough to be illustrative and presentable. All with a 2500-3000 passmark system, 4GB ram, and no graphics card (my mobile rig).

Note in the Philippines (and in ANZ) the market size in annoyingly set up to maximize profits so computers are 40-60% more expensive than US Amazon prices (the smaller the market the more profit they have to squeeze out of us). You can imagine how screwed I feel when my laptop is 400USD in the Amazon but 650USD in a country that has 1/10th the pay.

I notice I'm changing with the seasons. I always revisit Blender and Digital Painting again every couple of years because its where I failed to make a living despite being my training and passion. I wax nostalgic about it but I am pretty much accepted that I dont have the stomach or the mettle to make it as an artist.

Anyway, teaching Drawing and making the skillset accessible has always been substitute passion. I have a hard time keeping secret techniques secret since its so much easier to master the skill when I teach it. Especially when I have to explain it in so many ways, or find its underlying principle.

The technology and the tools have pretty much matured that I can potentially do this fairly easily. I can make screen casts of drawing, recording 20-30 hours of me trying to finish a work from start to finish (i have to reduce the scope of work to have enough ram; and break the workflow so that I have time to compress). as well as make the 5-10 minute lessons of the deconstruction ever every technique. I also Like talking while I work to explain my process and be transparent of how much I'm really pulling out of my ass.

I know my Core Vision Mission is for empowerment through the game-in-the-brain mindeset but I know drawing well and right now I dont have time to coordinate with other people to play RPGs. I do like analyzing workflows and want to have such a discussion going.

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