Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Scoping / Sketching what a Blender Workflow for Sci-Fi GMs

Expectations going in:

  • GMs learning to use Blender enough to make one's own ships and scenes.
  • Allowing GMs to Model ships and basic "3d  Modeling" to have a usable skill. 
  • Probably 20 hours of personal time with Ideally practicing 2-3 hours every week of practice (and recording to help remember key lessons). Probably after 20 hours and 2 weeks of practice would be competent enough to make speed model in 2-3 hours a week. 
    • Note: a habit needst have a low barrier of entry. if something can be all done and practiced in less than 30 mins the better, but for every hour more the greater the magnitude of the schedule problem. 

Step 1: research the following (review Extra Credits Tutorial 101

  • Get Recordmydesktop and test it. Look for other such recording systems. 
    • Worse Case Scenario, I'll have my a Sports Cam set up to look over my shoulder. 
    • Figure out how to make my Hotkeys Visible. 
    • Figure out how to use Blender's Desktop Recording System. 
    • Estimate of about 2-3 hours figuring out. 
    • I need a noise canceling mic. 
  • Review other blender workflows out there. Using Youtube video downloaders and VLC speeded up player. 
    • Estimate 1-2 hours running and skipping within videos. 
  • Have a conservative and easy goal. 
    • the Workflow is a video 5-10 minutes long. Probably 5 min video for every step of the task that allows the user to play around after every task. 
    • But there is a Multi-Step task process of 30-45 minutes of exercises. 
  • Gather some tools. Example: The blender Hot Key Map.
  • Write down what I expect and have a notebook handy to capture all the things that fall outside my expectations in the dry run.  
    • Narrow my scope and goals to 5 minute achievable goals. particularly workspace set up and how to document your own process. 

Step 2: Dry Run and Experimentation.

This one I have to do. It would take a few weeks and tries to have a good Workflow going. First Goal is trying to create a workspace and flow that allows the GM getting into blender to fire up Blender and start modeling immediately. Make as many sketches or rough models as an artist would make rough sketches: 4-6 minutes of tries and screen cap worthy.

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