Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Update in Homebrew Traveller SRD, Careers

An exercise of categorical thinking and how I understand my world.

This Traveller homebrew has more stats. Str, Dex, Con, Int, Wis, Cha, and Soc (social status). Unlike regular traveller where the DM is Stat/3 -2 this is Roll on or below the Stat. Basically characters have a default Stat of 6, and Roll 2d6/3 (rounded down) - 2. so a Roll of 3-5 is a -1 to the
default stat of 6 = 5. A roll of 12 calls for a second roll that adds 2d6 more. So rolling 12 and 12 again is a 24 or a +6 for a score of 12 (or an C)!

In this method Every Point matters. A Str of 7 is better than 6, and the dice show it.

Frontiersmen roll Con -0 Penalty
Specializations: Homesteader, Trader, Trailblazer

- people of the frontier, and how an economy develops

Migrant Workers Automatic
Specializations: Worker, Rogue, Thug

-The under and working class. The thugs use force and violence. Rogues cunning, and workers just work.

Agents (of Large Orginzations) Soc -0 Penalty
Specializations: Enforcers, Associates, Bureaucrats

- Agents of Mega Corps or States. Legal industry falls into this Career.

Medicine Roll Int -0 Penalty
Specialization: Physician, Bio-tech, Bio-Handler

- The very broad category of Bio related professions. The bio-handler
is the "New" animal handler which has broadened to any Bio-asset.

Merchant Roll Cha -0 Penalty
Specialization: Sales, Services, Logistics  

- Sales, Support, Retail, distribution, and Logistics

Industrial Roll Int -0 Penalty
Specialization: Production, Support, Projects

- Projects is short for Special Projects, the guys who have to trouble shoot.

Knowledge Workers Roll Int or Wis -2 Penalty
Specialization: Memetic, Cipher, Verifiers

- Memetics is Marketing, Cipher is an information Miner, Encryption, and Decryption,
and Verifiers are those who make the information tangible. Verifiers are a cross between an investigator and .

Consumer Market Roll Cha -0 Penalty
Specialization: Artisan, Performer, Celebrity
- Consumerism lolz. Celebrity is being someone everyone wants to be. They sell
"Experiences" as a service lolz.

Academe Roll Int -0 Penalty
Specialization: Professor, Researcher, Scientist

- Researcher is the in between Professor and "Ivory Tower" Scientist. Kinda
like a Knowledge worker.

Army (Intrastellar Colonial Forces)  roll Con -2 penalty
Specializations: Ground, Orbital, Support

- Orbital means colonial Fleet.


Notable because of the "Transhumanistic opportunities" - it takes money to have good augmentation to be "above the rest". Social status does not just mean money - but all the power and abilities such can buy.
They all get basic cyber upgrades, as well as controls to prevent going rogue.

Navy (Imperial Fleet) Roll Int -2 penalty
Specialization: Courier, Reserve, Expedition

-as you can probably figure out: the logistics guys, the guarding force, and the expeditionary force.

Marines (Imperial Forces) roll Con -4 penalty
Specializations: Guardsman, Inflitrators, Assault

- your hurscarl, samurai, <insert cultural equivalent of a "royal" force> Since exoskeletons are present in almost all vac suits, these guys get the "Battle Armor" and "Stealth" Armor etc... Combat can get "medieval" because of the peculiarities of doctrine...

Imperial Client Roll Soc -4 penalty
Specialization: Administrator, Intelligence, Diplomat

- Aka a Valuable Vassal, Spymaster, Agent, etc... As an Imperial Clientthe Scale of Status upgrade is immense. This figures into the character's


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