Friday, January 1, 2016

Framing and its Ethics; the Framing of Condition Level Systems

The relationship to Games is the GMing Skill in Framing Affect: The ability to Frame in: Opportunity Seeking vs Loss Aversion. 

One of my curiosities and fascination is Framing and the ethics surrounding it. If you're aware of current events and curious about game theory and behavioural sciences then the sesame credit special is one of those curiosities that challenges boundaries we draw about framing. 

if you play shadowrun I guess this is SIN being implemented in the real world.

Particularly the ethics of framing effect: If a person decides differently when the same information is presented but framed differently - 

"You stand to lose out on $20,000usd in this opportunity"
"You may gain 20,000usd in this opportunity?"

"If you don't take our Identity Protection services, you stand to lose your life savings?"
"Our Identity Protection Services gives you the peace of mind when it comes to  your life savings?" 

A common bias is how Climate Change is framed - "We stand to lose Food Security and lose value in our assets due to Climate Change and not acting to adapt to it" vs "We can improve food security and improve the security of our assets if we act on Climate Change". 

Too often I'm used to Switching Between Opportunity Gaining "Gears" to Loss Aversion "gears" when talking to clients, bosses, associates, and people and general. I tend to frame on what ever gear I was last on. 

Loss Aversion is more powerful bias, because the cost of loss is a total mental and physical adaption strategy. Versus Opportunity Gaining - which requires Playfulness, Curiosity, and Ambition to be realized. Playfulness, Curiosity, and Ambition is something that is at a loss when someone cannot find the time to think in such a way. 

Here is another thing to think about: Condition Systems and Framing. 

Do I "Take Damage" or Lose "Health" (Injury and Physical Condition)
Do I "Suffer Stress" or Lose "Resolve/Reserve" (Emotional Labor)
Do I "Suffer Fatigue" or Lose "Endurance/Energy" (Energy based Systems). 

One system tells you "I can take X damage" (substitute X with emotional, fatigue, physical). 
But one system tells you "I'm losing X " (and you begin to think how much do I have left to lose). 

Because Loss Aversion is more powerful, I will default with Loss Aversion but I can frame it. But its interesting when we switch gears: "I take damage" or "I lose HP". "I spend mana" or "lose energy" etc... 

So If I want to put players in more of an edge: I tell them how much they Lose vs how much they "take". "I lose sanity" lolz. 

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