Monday, January 25, 2016

High Initiative Narrative

A warrior, a guy in armor, is a vision of Prowess being much younger. But then ones grow up and learn the logistics and problems having to depend on armor, even load bearing gear. The best "warriors" are the killers who slide in undetected and slaughter many in ambush with the thrill and cunning of a predator outwitting its prey*. (The feeling of getting into a flanking position with a unaware enemy and how quickly they all go down).

*like Utred, to experience this, even when assisted by a more effective force is worth experiencing even once. It stays with you for life.

Armor is being associated with Logistics Support. It would be great to have, but to depend on far less of it in return for speed and initiative is a more successful long term strategy for building up strength. IMO.

 High Initiative style of personal strategy and narrative I got from a lot of study and learning, Its natural for some and alien for many like me. I cannot imagine how someone who began like me, without the natural instincts for it, get to such without constant cultivation. Its been 8 years of airsoft and reached my maximum failure saturation 4 years ago lolz.

Where does the high initiative come?

  • Strong Improvisation - trained for Improvisation with good rationality and self awareness of pattern tendencies. 
  • Self Aware of Internal Biases and with sufficient Coping mechanisms to over-ride such. 
  • Sense of Time and Place. An awareness of how much time and resource for every action in an intuitive sense. 
  • Good Empathic Ability enough to be able to passively track context of social situation of a game to go with the flow or to pivot when its not working. 
  • A good understanding of various processes and logistics. Having tried to do a lot of things in real life and seen the reality why its hard and appreciate the work that goes into difficult tasks. 
  • Mastering more real world Coping and Predictive Heuristics (which are modular and testable), particularly those that have done much to eliminate system 1 biases (TF&S Daniel Kheneman) . 

It took me a long time being very stubborn and maladaptive. For those unlike me then it would be something they would come to naturally, but for those like me it would take years. Nearing 12 years if I count from my 25 year, when my frontal lobe has fully matured and the world became different.

Right now my chinese studies are eating 10-12 hours of my week, I have help now at work but still a lot of getting down to system 2 (TF&S Daniel Kheneman). If I were to give a bunch of games for someone to develop their own set of coping mechanisms and empower their agency It needs to be very accessible. Ideally someone in their mid and early 20s who has the intra-personal intelligence to be aware of such a bias and can game.

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