Saturday, April 16, 2016

Collaborative Gamer's Solo Campaign is a GMing Practice Session

I would recommend following +Collaborative Gamer's Solo Campaign as your GMing practice Session.

Why and Ideas in relation to GMing Practice.
  • With a Timer and Audio or Video recording device his Solo Campaign would allow a GM to work on his craft without having to take the time of another player. 
    • I can watch my habits and see how I work under the pressure.
  • I can get to practice my improvisation. Using his procedural world building tables and rules I can basically generate game elements and string them along into a story. this works best with some time Pressure or, at least, timing how long it takes me to string them up.
  • It is a great way to look at one's process and organization. What kind of notes do I make or what kind of notes will i need. 
    • This lets me see what tools I will need. Just watching my time and motion in the game will highlight my weaknesses. But I will really need some time to processes the videos and have more sessions to really see what would be the key things to work on. 
  • I can generate an Adventure with his system! I can recycle and improve on the adventure I would be playing through his solo system (when its finally available with all the tables and tools; plus flow charts).
  • I can do some minor experimentation in various GMing techniques and Policies. 
  • I can examine my prep Workflow through the system. When I finally get a hang of the system, I can more easily create adventures on the fly. 
    • I'm curious about the time and motion of his tools. I go through references books at about 3-5 minutes digging up through notes - Dead Air. If I printed all the tables and the flow charts and incorporated them in my accessible and portable notes this would be awesome. 
    • Curious if I can make them into Index Cards to be portable and less dependent on Tech. My phone is a clumsy last resort, and if I dont need to use a Laptop this would be better. If these tables were all easy to find in Index Cards, then I would take less than 5-10 seconds to find it (even marking them or laying them out quickly beforehand). 
  • Finally - "railroady" urges can be expended in these sessions and possibly be sick of one's own input all the time. It may want to long for the input of others. If spotlight is my problem or taking up too much of the share of the center stage I'll find it in these solo sessions. 
  • Edit. this would be great for new Players like kids who are strating to play TRPGs. If they learn this system early its a great scaffolding on many story telling techniques. Add this with Anki Cards of key GMing techniques. 
I will one day make the time to use his system because it will allow me to practice while I'm on hiatus (back injury, firefighting at work, spawn on the way, writing projects, etc...). Having such a handy "GMing Personal Gym" to work out and train is so important and helpful.

I always wondered how I could go about practicing when real life gets in the way and Collaborative Gamer's Solo Campaign tools is the key to this. When life gets in the way I can get some practice and not rust so bad.

Some GMing References
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