Friday, April 22, 2016

Discovering the RPG Design patterns, being Foxy, and repetitive

I'm gonna need to print the RPG Design patterns CC book by Whitson John Kirk III PDF out and I'm working on the Txt File for my @Voice Aloud Reader app. I'm also going to need to reference this a lot in my posts as well as have a small reference guide to the terms I'll be borrowing. I will try to migrate seamlessly into this terminology to help the audience love this book and help them empower their gaming.

If that was not already a lot of NEW skills to learn (lolz plus all the goings on in life) +Jay Dugger gave me this new GEM super memo's 20 rules of formulating knowledge. Which basically
means I will try to organize my writing into to following these 20 Rules - wow thats a lot on my plate. So much that I had to pause a lot in the new articles I was writing now (doesnt count the articles I've written already and scheduled to post).

So Ill be learning with my the RPGDP, 20rules, a bit of GTD, Extra Credits on Game Design,  various Rationalist or Cognition sources and looking at the world for inspiration to running TRPGS and how to improve the experience constantly. It will be a repetitive back to basics over and over again as I continuously revisit key concepts and slowly nudge and rework them over and over again (see 20 rules).

In self examination its a bit of the fox or the Trader mindset approach in TRPGS like in the Fox vs Hedgehogs (Thinking fast and slow p.220). Which is reinforced in the profile by Extra Credits on Educating in Game Design. that the Gamers can excel with the "foxy" profile he describes.

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