Thursday, June 2, 2016

GURPS Lite Character Creation May 31 Report

I'm still hammering away at it. I've under-estimated the amount of hours it would take to gamify this.

If there is a long task in the game system: gamify it. Character creation should be gamified. If its a big front loaded task, it should stand on its own as a session.

  • the GM doesnt do this alone in his free time and instead share this fun with his players. It should take him 10-15 minutes to do this as a test run to know how the system work. 
    • There should be a checklist in the end (my experience of running the Traveller character creation) to make sure all elements are created. 
  • Layout and Information Load should be strategically assessed. Currently I'm going for 2-page spread for the lite, and 4-page spread for the long outline of Roles and Tasks. Then Appendix all the details.
    • The long may need to have some helpful details like page references. The long has to explain some historical details like peoples and roles. 
    • Flow from process to process is going to be a challenge.  
  • The Appendix is easily searchable epub or pdf. the player should be able to find the details easily. 

You'll noticed I've scaled down the task since I only  have 3-4 hours a week in total to write for game in the brain and my research projects. The thinking part of writing takes up valuable time of the writing process which I need to break up and do in the free moments throughout the day.

Asymmetric Status in a group. now this is takes a much longer post. feel free to ignore the status roll or average the status roll of the entire group to get the group's status.

GURPS Lite GURPS character creation (long)
  1. Roll Stats
    1. Roll 6 d6 for 6 Attributes and Characteristics. 1 for 9, 2-3 for 10, 4-5 for 11, and 6 for 12. 
    2. ST, DX, HT, IQ, Per, Will
  2. Roll Background
    1. Roll 2d6 for Status. Status -2 to 2. Status 2 is on a 12. Status 2 can shift background by 2 levels. 
    2. Roll 1d6 for Background. 1-3 Farmer, 4 Merchant, 5 Clergy, and 6 Warrior. 7 Noble. is available on a status 2. 
    3. Roll 1d6 for (Ethnicity/People). Dominant, Secondary Dominant, and Minority. Various language and cultural traits for belonging either.
  3. Choose Appearance and Some Traits. 
    1. Character chooses Appearance and Identity.
    2. Choose some Archetype traits 
    3. Some physical archetypes
    4. Some mental archetypes 
    5. Some Social archetypes
    6. Personality Archetypes (not Black and White)
  4. Roll Profession.
    1. Choose a Profession and roll to Enter. (noble is only allowed to Status 2). 
    2. These are: 
      1. Warrior: defensores (heavy infantry) and hippiko (cavalry)
      2. Auxiliary: kurasores (light to medium infantry) and Toxotai (archer). 
      3. Rogue: logos (specialist) and mesítis (broker)
      4. Clergy: Erapostolos (missionary) and frontistí (caregiver)
      5. Noble: Equites (knight commander) or Silentiaros (courtier)
    3. Success, Partial Success (partial failure), and Failure. 
    4. Roll to Advance in a profession or change Profession. 
  5. Appendix of Templates and Packages. 
    1. Equipment Packages. 
    2. Sample people or languages. 
  1. Roll Stats
    1. Roll 6 d6 for 6 Attributes and Characteristics.
    1. ST, DX, HT, IQ, Per, Will
  1. Roll Background
    1. Roll d36 (two d6s one as tens and ones) This takes up 1/3 a page for the table itself and would mean about 6-10 pages of entries. Each entry is easily 100-120 words long because of the various elements from "People".  
    2. I dont know how I'm going to implement 11C peoples and places. 
  2. Roll Traits
    1. Roll d36 3x for Like Backgrounds this can be very long and adds to about 4000 words
  3. Choose Appearance and Identity. List of elements the player may want to describe what is notable about their character. Not to be filled out at once. Ideally 2-3 elements are described in the character creation session and more in following sessions as characters develop.
  4. Create Motivations and Psychology.
    1. From the Traits motivations and psychology.
  5. Roll Profession. This works with the base of the Lite version but up adding more options for roles within a profession.
       There will be more detail on the "Noble" which will be Commander, Champion, and Courtier. 
    1. IN  
  6. Appendix of Glossary of Terms, Templates and Packages. There is going to be need to explain some historical peoples and roles. this is going to be have more options and packages. Players just pick and choose or roll dice if they can't decide. 

GURPS is a property of Steve Jackson games. This homebrew system is for my personal use. Athough I will definitely make an Open-RPG version of this once I've created a successful version so I can share it (eve the editable documents). 

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