Thursday, June 16, 2016

Random Character Gen update: Life Event Table

Creating a Life Event Table for Any Game System (of course it can be used in GURPS but it will be usable in D&D and in my ORPG) inspired by the Traveller's life events but taking it further (there are so many design patterns that can make a simple 2d6 roll generate A LOT of interesting data in one roll).

I realized it can be helpful to looking at Problems in an Social-Economic Perspective. That Problems, Threats, Events, Relationships, Groups, Associations, Failures, Achievements etc... how it can move the character UP or DOWN Socio-Economic status. Narrative Bias fills in the details lolz.
Excited by this project because its one BIG component to Random Character Gen for GURPS, D&D, and my ORPG (and any game system).  It summarizes and gives color to Life Periods (= terms) of the character. An Interesting way to look at life,  which I would not have been able to appreciate unless I was in my 30s lolz.

The system works under these dichotomies:

  • Positive or Negative. On a bad life event roll, something a negative version of some category. Typically this is relative to societal norms and status quo. 
    • Example:
      • Reputation - can be positive or negative
      • Opportunity is positive, the negative is Problems or Threats that limit opportunities. 
      • membership, patronage, or mentorship can be also a positive or negative influence. 
  • Work vs Personal. What would improve the character's ability to make money, earn a living, advance in his career and what would develop his personal life. 
  • Loss or Gain. Either to Gain a Problem, Threat, Opportunity, Reputation, Accomplishment, etc... 
It will be a Gdoc as well as a blog post - I hope to get feedback to help improve the mechanics. (the Random Char Gen system is based of traveller but drawing from the Design Pattern of the newer gen systems that are more elegant). It will be out a week or two from this post - finished or not finished.

Personal Aspects of Character Development is one of those things that is more challenging to define. Its harder because gaming Personal Well being is not very much talked about as compared to gaming making a living. It can be measured in a way great personal development gives a person greater agency and resilience against bad fortune. Definitely it gives goals and motivations greater than the self.

Sorry I'm at 15+ hours if I count all the times I've made it and remade it and rewritten it on paper and electronically. Its only now I've gotten a good grasp of what would make a good life event table and system.

Edit: I forgot to add Health matters in the event, as well as clarifying opportunities for shared experience. So it will add probably 4-5 more hours as I recalibrate them all.

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