Tuesday, December 3, 2019

D&D Starter and Essentials, a lot more work for my Target audience.

Bought the D&D Starter Edition and the Essentials Toolkit. My son is too young at 8, Turning 9 early next year.

  1. Kids  (below the target age of the material) need more Immersion Material. Good thing the Essential Kit has the Material my son needs - The cards and Maps. But it does need more and I'm wondering If I have a chance to prepare and find more, or how do I get him to slowly immerse week to week with our Dad and Son time. 
  2. Kids need smaller and more situational scenarios. Isolated set scenes to grasp the Core mechanic of "Roll in a situation" - so that the my son can grasp the Conflict of a Situation, as well as he has the power to Frame the Conflict, or Define the Problem (which Shapes the Solution). 
  3. Kids need more storytelling Prompts. It can be an hour just talking about the basic concepts of character creation to my son. With his cousins, I doubt I can cover it all in an hour. I need some activities that allow them to Prompt their storytelling. 
    1. Not necessarily Cards for every Prop. From Equipment to Character Features. Dont start with every bit of material - begin with Basic Outfit Packages. The soldier, the traveling tradesman, the pilgrim, etc... 
    2. Reminds me of Getting Once Upon a Time Card game, as part of this Box so that we can have some basic exercises. 
Now I remember why I spent 20+ hours a week in prep. I did a lot of prep because when the Game session happened and I wasn't prepared it would be 1 more week to correct the problem and it may lower the enthusiasm of players.

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