Monday, December 16, 2019

Techniques - and how it relates to our Internal Worlds.

I compensate a lot using SRS and my obsessiveness of writing my flawed understanding. Going through a thought again and again. Be it a regret, guilt, or a puzzle, the attention we give to a pattern of firing neurons just makes those neurons fire together.

Yes and... and Framing techniques. 

In describing framing techniques I used the following:
"the skill to use the same facts and cause people to interpret the information differently. The understanding of framing technique means the person framing will keep the facts true, but exercise the empathy to see how people can interpret it differently because of their biases."
A lot of the techniques is through Muscle Memory and Practice. Framing is knowing and consciously keeping the facts the same, just allowing for the messiness of Biases to allow the same facts to interpreted differently (the TGC series on Law School for Everyone just gave a lot of Examples of such messiness about Interpretation of Information).

"Yes and..." is related to Framing because you take the Same FACTS but spin it or interpret it differently or spin with it.

The exercise of the Technique allows me to easily identify the "opening" and the way Problem Statement (and a similar technique E. Goldrat uses when describing Technology by what Limitations it manages) our minds automatically realize the solution when we have defined the problem.
It's one of those Interesting Techniques where we don't know how our brain does it, but our minds just does its thing.

Its a Hobby, but some people obsess over their hobby. People obsess over Intellectual Property Lore of a particular Franchise. It's not a bad thing, it's just how our brains are wired and it does have drawbacks and these are the reasons why mindfulness has gained popularity as a coping mechanism.

Every technique we use in Running and playing the game to be Defined and Laid bare, for feedback and scrutiny. having our personal definitions laid bare for things in our imagined world is one of the aspects of TRPGs that it has prepared me for. My definition of Elves, or "In my Traveller Universe" is another mental landscape to visit - that helps us expand and enrich our own Internal Worlds.

My Conflict is that I should be Studying CAPM and HSK right now, but my brain wants to discuss each detail of the Technique it uses so it can find peace and forget the techniques to make space for essential skills for economic Survival. 

Its interesting repurposing the Mindscape of a GM for work. How much is strengthened and how much is improved by finding the other application areas of the knowledge.

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