Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Visualizing Hard Scifi Settings - Tethers.

Visualizing a freighter carrying hundreds of tons of material cargo in 2200. It deposits its cargo by having the cargo drift out of its wake and get slowed up and caught in several tethers several times as it approaches its destination. Hundreds of tons of cargo material with enough Delta-V for emergencies get caught up by tethers kilometers long transferring inertia to it and slowing down.

Studying http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/infrastructure.php and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_tether 

This happens a couple or several times depending on the mass of the cargo.

Eventually, cargo modules (which have some propulsion) being caught in the orbit of its destination and it's rounded up at a low Delta-V cost.

The inertia captured is used to propel new cargo for the freighter as well as a reaction mass module to give it enough Delta-V to correct.

In Ganymede, a foundry is being equipped and expanded to produce a ring habitat to allow it to create 1G spin habitat close to the surface (2.6k km) so as to be a short commute to the many underground agricultural modules that produce food for the hundreds of million humans that live in the belt and moons. Producing food for Psyche 16 - the largest manufacturing station.

A Much earlier and smaller ring was created in its northern pole which has a bit of 0.1g drift that is why they will make one in the equator where the drift will be opposite of the Artificial Gravity/Centrifugal force. 

The foundry is necessary for the mass drivers and creation of more inertia bank tethers that is needed to reduce the Reaction Mass Delta-v cost traveling between points of interest.

Millions of people developing the technology to feed billions of people, so that billions more can accelerate the development of the infra that makes space travel safer and cheaper.

A migrant laborer who journeyed from the earth with her family 6-8 months on a spin gravity freighter was being trained to add to the demand for technicians, scientists, logistics, etc... To move their family into a world where the skills and ingenuity is crucial in running an intrastellar economy.

Its like the feeling of the plane decelerating to fly instead she and her family feel the tether arresting and decelerating them for the next tether till their velocity is around 10m/s from hundreds of km/s.

The feeling of a plane acceleration and deceleration - several times as the ships are caught by the inertia tethers to be accelerated or slowed down. It combines the feeling of a Plane and a Cruise ship.

https://tinyurl.com/y3dozb6t 20130819 Sci-FI Notes

2050 to 2500 is not a terrible era if it was purely Intrastellar. Imagine building the infra for billions of humans to travel safely. Imagining if FTL was developed much much later. I can always adjust the Interstellar Wars Timeline by 200-300 years. 


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