Thursday, May 19, 2022

OJTs and Software Project: my Distractions, Market or Product happens first?

 Its funny talking to 20-year-olds, about my World Generator because I believe by the time I'm 60 and they're 40 they're going to see the edge of what will be the Microgravity manufacturing as space race for orbital dominance will have long term orbital stay of 5 people per year to probably 20 or more. I reflect on my grandfather's short life at late 70s and early 80s and how I may not be around to see so many of what I'm waiting see in a hard scifi prediction. 

Its funny also because I encounter how rare and unlikely the audience for this may be, but the thing is with such works - do the audience appear first or do the products appear first? This is a deep marketing and product development philosophical question - and I believe ATTEMPTS - every attempt creates the Audience. The books that inspired me Created me and the other people realizing: "We want this, but more like this." So hopefully, our book and tools will trigger that "We want this, but more of this...". 

note that I've made it more conservative than the most common scifi, more conservative than most systems. Focusing on just Cislunar Space for a century and another century for the cislunar infrastructure to have an Industrial Complex to build Kilotons a year of vessels/ships. 

I wonder how crazy will my prediction look to 20-year-olds when this open-sourced project probably gets forgotten and they learn some Aerospace Industry terms and metrics only to hear about it 20 years from now. Sir Justin was way off, too conservative or worse too OPTIMISTIC! 

I get distracted explaining metallic hydrogen, gas giants, terrestrial worlds and lesser earths. Emphasizing that this Project is to allow those people who want a bit more hard SciFi in their Storytelling to have the tools and referenced (it links to the Wikipedia, which links to the papers and articles) information for those of us amateurs who are not satisfied with the Scifi and want to have a glimpse of the daunting science - even if we are hobbyists. 

It happens because I have to explain the types of stars and why they are not stable enough. Talking about accretion disks and possible reasons a space station would be set up in OBA stars. From Star generation, The ZONES and positions, to the worlds and how its a Looping script that generates Compion stars and additional Bodies until statistically improbable. 


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