Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Progress Update: art has progressed

 Some things that are done.

1) Hex Map for the solar system - so that people can easily calculate distances between Planets. AS well as create hex maps for new solar systems. 

2) Delta V Map of the Solar System - for those who use Delta V instead. 

3) Cover art has begun. It will be mixed media and 3d. 

4) the Roll Keep Dice function has been commissioned. The Exploding Dice, basic dice script etc... will all be published here and of course the Book will come with the Spreadsheet that will have a Basic World Building script. It just goes through the entire process of building a system. I dont have any time in my schedule to make one that can be more custom tailored. 

5) the d66 x6 (36 x6) Culture Aspect table. 

6) There is a flow chart that will be shared we used to make the Spreadsheet. 

Once the Google Sheet that generates the World is done I can check how good the mechanics are. 

BONUS things if it reaches ever level of Sale Target (with a Survey) 

1) More Art and maps. 

2) More tweaks to the World Generator Google Sheet.  

Things to do When published. 

1) Youtube Videos (with the Help of Nicco to edit and script it) using Google slides and OBS. Basically run through the basics of the system. 

2) Youtube Videos of the Combat Systems. 

3) Pay what you want for the Character Creation Cards. 

4) Character Creation Board Game, and a Youtube Video of it. 

Lessons Learned. 

1) The network and contacts to have Javascript + Google Sheet Commissioned. 

2) That I should probably do the FLOW CHART FIRST, before writing. 

3) Then feasibility of the Software - commissioning someone (most likely meloy) to plan future google Sheet and spreadsheets. 

4) That in the future I make a BOOK and it comes with tools to make prep EASY (google sheets). then I make a youtube video to explain it.  The videos are broken up by topic and is 5 mins long at the most and gets down to DEMONSTRATING a concept. 

Plans after this. 

1) I can start with my Audible Credits since October. 

2) I can start with Nebulous Fleet Command, since I plan to make Space Warfare easier and have a Procedural Fleet Builder - the GM can build the near accurate amount of Ships and the ECONOMIC requirements to maintain them. Of course this is all a bit on the harder scifi side - everything is with propulsions you can find in Simple Rockets and Kerbal Space. 

My Idea is that "What is the smallest Tool I can produce that people can have start having fun with?" With Javascript I'm not anymore as limited with purely spreadsheet funcitons. I can possibly make the ship building a FORM that generates a database of ships created. I could probably have a Visual front End - so Nicco and I can use our kitbashing 3d and make the visualized components. 

Imagine doing this with CEPHEUS engine and releasing a Spreadsheet people can Tweak. 

Hard Scifi Ships would now be more approachable. The trend that as an Open Source project someone will have tools to make it easier for them to PUSH BOUNDARIES. I was explaining to the OJTs how open source works; that we get to see other people Push the boundaries of our work and learn from them, and create a cycle where we all push the boundaries and grow. They take what you've built and quickly improve on it. And you take what theyve improved on and quickly improve on it. and collectively we are all better off. 

The ESCALATION with a harder scifi is more SCIENCE Explaining ART. More professionals from the science itself working with artist and game writers to make a more authentic feel. More People working on a Problem and giving their Divergent POV and experience. 

The Idea is that over the week we watch youtube about the topics, talk about it in the forums, read the books that came out, play with its tools - procedurally generating fluff and inspiration, then playing with the imperfect random things we generate.  Because we generate it with a few clicks we can quickly SCRAP it if need it, and generate new ideas. 

I'm excited for the diagrams about Javascript. a visualization of how the scripts all work for the future ojts - since i learned that one school doesnt teach Javascript and the other only teaches it in first year. Once the skill of visualizing CODE for teach is achieved we do it for GODOT and Python. Tools that allow us time strapped people to follow along and figure out how to code. 

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