Saturday, June 4, 2022

project Update: weighted milestone

Project update.
So teaching the Ojts who have basic scripting skills to script the World Generator in Google Sheets.

The challenge is scripting the many human processes in the rules and the limits of my budget because of the recent household emergencies.

I'll use weighted milestone method and align payment schemes for each step.

0) the basic roll to check what the stars stats is the easiest at 1. Includes the script that transposes. As well as a script that will trigger all the rolls. 

1) how to plan the major structures visually. The coders , and the Biz Analysts (BA). So basically we will take Nicco Salonga  workflow and go into how the spreadsheet will output.

Thanks for Rollkeep script made by Christine Melody Taa.

Specifically visualizing taking each step of the rpg system and producing the output.

2) One of the more complicated systems is the Companion Star. I'll set it as a milestone to pay as well. The mechanic means rolling a lesser mass star depending on the stellar type and on a 12 our of a 2D6 roll another companion star. 6 score. 

Roll for companion star, roll for mass of companion star, and if the roll is a 12 roll for another companion star.

2.1) distance is the next but we will limit it to distance band instead of specific distance. 1 Score. 

3) After the Star, the Main world generation. This has a complicated habitability set up which is basically planetary attributes that increase the Human carrying capacity. Another milestone which. 3 score. 

3.1) is th artificial habitats. This is important becuase some stars are cannot produce planet's that will age >1B years before gravitational forces rip them apart back into accretion disks. Some stars, OBA stars, when compared to ours and more stable stars just have huge accretion disks and a gravity well that captures material from the galaxy. As well as produce a solar foundry with power scale that would produce special materials. 2 score. 

4) Inhabitants mechanics. A very simple mechanic of adding values from tables rolled to produce a culture and inhabitants and the state of their organization. 2 score. 

5) planetary systems. More complicated where it's possible to Loop this because it can create a ton of planets and disks. And these disks and planet's have their own minor worlds and minor disks. And fractals all the way down. Example is jupiter with 140 minor planet's  and our own earth system having Trojans and Greeks (very few though as compared to jupiter).  4 score.

6) The Jointext Google sheet function that will order all the data in a row. With words that break the string like Star, Main World/Habitat, inhabitants, Planetary Systems. Score 1.

20 total score. When the 20 is achieved the sheet can produce worlds at a click. 

Score / total to get the weight.

I'll create a payment schedule with the Ojts. 30%, 20%,20%,20%,10%

After this is done and the Script is fine tuned to make the world's. I tell nicco to prepare and assemble the book and all its components for publish.

1) world builder that allows people to click and get their world. A link to the Google Sheets they can just copy and share. 

2) the mechanics and the terms to talk about solar systems.

3) 2D art of our solar system and delta-v budgets.

4) hex map of our solar system. 

5) blender file for procedural world generation.

6) method of exporting this to a 2D map.

7) d66*6 culture table

8) the rules itself.

I guess I'll have to make a dicscord for Mneme as a form of customer support. And base the milestone bonuses on feedback. 

Majority preferential vote based decision making, a poll of recommending improvements - and of course I'll budget what I can afford. ( pretty much all the profit from the copper level for everyone to see) and what I can get from my network.

I'll just defer my returns on investment (break even) at platinum. Platinum for a world generation mechanic, I could imagine even smaller sales than mneme combat system. 

I'll summaries my total cost to produce it all here. The only thing I won't get compensated for is my hours. It's really how investment works our hours is really sunk cost and a gamble. 

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