Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Its ALMOST DONE! gave the second milestone payment.

Almost DONE, by done:
1) Nicco is Wrapping up the Book 
2) the Ojts (Lloyd, Ranz, and Michael) are on the last milestone of the Google Sheet. The harder part is the Planetary System. When the system generates additional planets and samples. It can be tedious but otherwise its the same core mechanics as the Star and Main World. 

Then when fully wrapped up - 
1) Publish. 
2) youtube Video of me and Nicco going through how to use it. 
3) If I'm handling customer complaints then I guess the project is "alive" lolz. indifference is the killer. 

Will it reach people who will like it? I doubt it, I'm a 43 year old man - I'm as uncool as people get in TRPGs, so many of my fellow gamers are unhappy with the state of the gaming community. Someone who did all this work so that a slightly better world-building system that incorporates harder scifi. 

With the trend for Super Simple games - my gamble of a Complicated System simplified with a spreadsheet has long odds. 

anyway my open source advocacy keeps me busy - like my Multip Media Project with the Philippine 1861 - I tried and learned. I don't have the finances to gamble again or more, but at least I can say when It came to spending money on a Hobby I tried to write a book. And to think of how bad I write and how much correction It took to get what I have - small miracles. 

Things I learned:
1) Enough Javascript to make my OWN character building spreadsheet. 

2) Enough about Blender to make Ships and a Kitbash kit for Ship Making. 

3) Enough about Spreadsheets to make a Ship Building Spreadsheet. 

FUTURE projects. 
1) IF I'm going to build ships I better do it in GODOT. A ship builder in GODOT that can EXPORT the ship and its stats would be best. 
2) GM tools in GODOT. 

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