Friday, July 22, 2022

2022 July 22 Update on the Book. Target uploaded in Drivethrurpg by Sunday July 24

 Issues and Tasks to do.

  1. Nicco gave me the consolidated copy already. 
  2. Completely forgot the Open Gaming license in the end. 
  3. Forgot the hex Map. Will include it
  4. Decided not to include the Delta V Calculation and Map creation rules. Because i would take probably 4-6 weeks to make (this is considering my errands, probably 4-8 hours for me to re-study and remember how to make; i maintain a google sheet how to do these. I plan to make a youtube Video of all the basic MATHS and Sciences I forgot. Consider it a tutorial for myself when I do eventually forget because I have to juggle work and family. Example is when I learned to rocket equations, or some javascript, or some more advance spreadsheet features. Eventually I have to forget them to focus on the next firefighting). I dont know if people will appreciate it.
  5. Will apply the PDF outliner
  6. I probably need to have a Discord Server ( ) for support. I dont know to manage a discord server. I want to set up a ticketing system for issues. Probably a google forms. 
  7. Then will upload to Drivethru RPGs and it will take about a week for it to appear.


I really need to spend more time with my family. of course this is my childhood dream: to write and support an RPG. I have to figure out a way to juggle these. 
I want to do so many things. i honestly dont know what to focus on while juggling. I hope having 2 books out and people giving feedback can help me know what to apply more resources on.

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