Saturday, July 23, 2022

Next Project Musings

 What would people buy? or What would make running games easier? 

I don't know. 

We made MNEME world generator because we believed that FIRST you need enough details in a solar system first before you can have hard scifi ships. Even if you can make delta-V budget ships in Gurps SpaceshipsSpaceships Design Guide, Orbital 2100, and in Mongoose Traveller High Guard

lets say your using Index Card RPG's adventure write up method for a space encounter - and you need distances or planets or celestial systems - you'd probably need our book for those details. 

We can pursue this and maybe focus on more quickly generated details for Space Encounters. 

But then one of the pain points I have is space combat like Children of the Dead Earth and Nebulous Fleet Command - I want that kind of combat but scaled down easy that I would sit only 20-30 minutes playing with it to get a hang of it. I want the tactics and limitations to be similar of these more realistic games. 

One of the strengths of Nicco and I are that we ar 3d Modelers in background.

We're hard scifi and historical fiction people who like using economic data and trying to use it. 

I have OJTs who want to pursue GODOT and I can use some of their Internship Hours to R&D more about GODOT as a Gaming Tool. My idea is the GM can just use a GODOT space (Share window in Gmeet/Discord etc...) and move pieces. I teach them how to Study and learn to operate a New Software or learn to Code quickly - by teaching them how to be more organized and structured in learning functions and designing workflow. 

I understand that there are many Levels of Complexity: players who want as abstract as ICRPG or DungeonWorld for their combat in hard scifi space. Something people can figure out and learn in 20 mins and enjoy learning.

Then there is people who want a GURPS level of details playing with people with a ICRPG/DW level of complexity - the way you get them to enjoy the same thing is that - Blind men and the Elephant - sufficient detail for each Observer (if the GM can afford to diversify their ability to engage the players). 

This means on an Abstract Level detailing it, then checking if all the details still scales or works properly with the abstract level. That feedback process. 

Like Mount and Blade, Nebulous Fleet Command, Children of a Dead earth, Crusader Kings, and various other Games that go into a style of play that basically asks "but the real thing is Like this - why cant we make the game more like this?" and then people realize "OH - I like that! That makes so much sense. Thats better and has more verisimilitude! I can really immerse with this." 

There will be people like me who looks at Kerbal SpaceUniverse Sandbox and Simple Rockets  and say "I would want to go to there" but cannot invest 40-100 hours to learn each game. I can invest about 20-60 minutes learning these games.

I think after 2 books I should focus in getting more customer feedback. I manage Quality Management systems (Integrated management systems, along with other managers) in our Construction and Manufacturing company. The FEEDBACK look is important.   If there is no feedback then there is no information by which to tailor or better serve the Players and Referees/GMs. 

Anyway Nicco and I making videos about the Mneme Combat system and the World Generator would keep us busy anyway. We will keep an LOG of issues and changes for analysis and publish it. 

I hope that little by little we can make tools that quickly produce the details the GM needs for games. Populations, Demographics, Organizations, NPCs, Ships, traffic, Conflicts, Challenges etc... the Players decide what Stakes they will invest in and the Referee can work with what the players choose to do. 

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