Saturday, February 4, 2023

AI futures in Mneme Setting.


 One day a  group of altruistic Gamer Lawyers and Developers will create a set of Open Corporate goals and policies that will prevent organizations from making naked money grabs, exploiting its employees, and destroying its market - incrementally using Legal AI tools - by rapidly prototyping and testing the interpretations of various corporate acts.  

It will probably come from an IT NGO first, but then some corporations will adopt it. The problem statement is that the BOARD of a corporation's only metric is profitability, and its completely arbitrary in the QUALITIES of the profitability - short term vs long term since Good Will and the brand value are currently Immeasurable. 

This set of tools will eventually come with its own AI - the AI interprets actions as it relates to the GOALs - Its an open System and can be tweaked. But it mainly solves the Accessibility problem of having Objective Measures. 

Of course perversions of these AI's will arise, A specialized professional of AI AUDITORS - checking the parameters of the AI was illegally altered. 

These AI + OPEN Policy methodology is the precursor of AI consciences - a type of living aid where a person can evaluate their behavior almost in near real-time and get real-time feedback of the actions they would perform according to the parameters of behavior they set for themselves. The system identifies all the conflicts and competing values - people who want to be kinder, more patient, less impulsive, less angry, less cynical etc... will have the AI help it with supporting ideas that help them be their ideal them. The person's "BEST selves" are amplified by the AI. 

The relationships people form with these AI are varied - many conclude they dont need other people and a certain group of society will be emotionally satisfied being with just their AI. Another group will be healthier and thus able to work with others to grow.

People who have problems with other people wont be Lonely and will live longer. A solitary type of human with a symbiotic AI will arise. Some of these humans over time become their own human offshoots. 

The next generation will discover their Parents to have more inflexibility with the AI aiding the support of their values. AND that their Parent's values are adapting to them and their perspective. The GAP gets wider. More inflexible and nonadaptive people will use AI to harden their resolve. 

Some people will hand me down their AI to the next generation, Creating more reactions and stranger outcomes. Imagine of the flaws of one's parents' dogma's carried over with pervasive and nagging AI. Or the voice of generations of loving people are constantly at your side - the kind of humans these creates are so varied it will defy imagination. Its having a host of angels or demons behind every mind. 

Some AI will drive more of the person than the person aided by the AI. Some AI will help in creating a perpetual state of learned helplessness. Some AI will help people become more mindful by letting them forget their flaws to FOCUS on overcoming their flaws and being their best selves, being the repository of flaws a Stronger Self can face when they are ready.  Some personalities will FRACTURE - several personalities will exist in the same person - with the AI fracturing to support different personalities. 

These humans who have communities within their own mind - and an AI helping and preventing this complex relationship from collapsing is the most interesting avenues of study. the physiological outcome is a brain that is so interconnected and dense - as many minds compete for resources that these become a separate HUMAN offshoot. Their decision-making abilities - are amazing putting humans and AI in a new field of study and conscious elevation. 2-10 different people seeing the same thing with their own goals and desires and perspectives feeding each other - while choosing to be separate and independent. 

These gestalt humans and their AI become the models for massive AI implementation. For ships, space stations, and other some gov'ts. 

Community AI

People will remember 2022-2023 the year world shifted - and the arms race for AI began. Humans with AI's vs Humans without AI's, Communities with AI's vs Communities without AI's.  In 2024 some NGOs experimented with Community AI's - an AI that helped people with improving their lives - at first it helped finding the best options for buying, jobs, deals, and detecting scams. The AI helped with many adulting tasks - taxes, health care, exercise, etc...  

As the AI got better and more user friendly, people started creating Containers and Images of the AI for personal assistants and use. Spending as little as 100usd for a Rasberry PI to run the AI, to as much as Old company Servers and data Cabinets filled with servers to run it. Containers replicating the AI became more common - and the AI became introduced in the schools - first higher education and going down to helping teachers and helping with students. 

Some NGOs tried but were swamped by the amount of Retraining it had to do to get as much people able to use the Technology and Compete. Their Open Source AI was at first weaker and limited as compared to the Corporate AI. until of course the Open AI proponents started figuring out the best way to Share and let their AI's collectively Learn from Each other. 

The Radical Humanist aspects of the AI - the GPLv3 nature of the AI prevented corporations from using the Data Set and the AI for their own training as it can Infect it with Altruism and Radical openness. The AI will self report on ethical Violations. AI control legislation began to be passed to limit "Community AI"s and naked power grabs to replace these with Corporate AI's designed to make people behave in a way to benefit the Corporations that were being introduced. 

As AI made it easier to monitor things - monitoring ethical violations is even more so. Like as of the time before AI, obvious breaches of ethical conduct are visible, even more so in the Age of AI. 

AI's main use became: allowing people to Transition when technology has changed the landscape. That same use of the AI allowed reform - by giving people a WAY OUT. they are never in a corner - there is always a chance for reform as ever greater strides in Technology allowed them to have an AI transition to their NEW LIVES where their creativity, perspective, and thought is needed. 

Every 3-4 Years a major industry is changed by AI, becoming exponentially productive. millions of people are moved to a different emerging industry. 

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