Friday, February 3, 2023

Follow up Update of Mneme - from Ship modeling back to 2-Parsec

All Will be CC-BY
why back to 2-Parsec. I had major issues with the star map. I had to correct it and fix the world generator sheet. 


  1. Nicco finished the Production templates for our Ship Book. These are blender files with the components of the ships, Nicco made them so we can freely share them. We didn't include things we got from other Creators so you can support these creators  and buy these from them - like the Materials from Daniel Grove and the Starship Generator of Mark Kingsnorth. Nicco started this week. (Cashflow is difficult. I advance as much as I can)
  2. The World Generator is now pretty much done - but I have to make serious updates to the Book since the Software allowed me to make a lot of Star systems and refine the model. No more Quadrion population planets, the maximum is Tens of billions. 
  3. We discovered how to make the a 3D Star map with Blender so that People will get a) A blender file with the Nearby Stars, b) an animation going around the stars, c) Pictures of the Map from various angles. I'm excited to say - Buyers will have 3D starmaps and Files of the Stars so they can easily Look at the relative positions and distances. I'm not sure how many of you can't figure out those drawings I have to say I've been pondering this problem for years - how to do it in a blender.

    the 2-Parsec Book is a series of Books that we will use the Mneme Background Setting CC-BY 4.0, World Generator, and our other books - to populate Nearby Stars with procedurally generated Systems - it will be a default setting for those who want harder scifi setting than what is currently available in Scifi TRPGs and our products will reduce the TIME and Effort of World Builders and Game Masters.  

  4. Nicco and I should be done by Feb 13 or 20 with 2-Parsec. Hopefully published by a week after. This will be first published as free material in WOrld Generator with models (without the templates).  
  5. By March we hope to Have the PWYW 2-Parsec of Luhman 16 AB, and Paid Version of All 3 systems (2 of which are Multi star systems - Luhman and Alpha Centauri being a triple star system). The paid Version will have BONUS material - Access to the First DRAFT of the Ship Builder rules, Spreadsheet, and First Set of Ships! 

Updating World Generator. April. 

  1. It's embarrassing the amount of Deviation the Spreadsheet has to the rules, so an Updated Version of the Rules will be made. We will update your books.  
  2. there is a Better technique for the Rings will be used. Note we will use the Circle Plane version and not the Volumetric CUBE to be less resource-demanding. 

  3. If possible we will include Tutorials converting the Surface Maps to VECTORS in inkscape so that ZOOMING in will allow for scalable details. 

Mneme SHIPS hopefully by May 

  1.  You will get PDF rules, Spreadsheet to make it easier to modify and document ships. You will have the same "Easy to Cut and Paste" format like in World Generator, Blender Files and Workflow Tutorials so you can make your own Ships, Ship Books, and other Material. (You will probably run us out of a JOB 😅 )as well as ENCOUNTER and COMBAT rules for ships that use Delta-V, have to Factor Orbits and Gravity Wells. 
  2. Ships have been many years in the making. I know some basic javascript now in order to make it lolz. Sorry I wish I was smarter to have thought how to do it faster. 

SHIPS and WORLD GENERATOR - means Nicco and I can produce these details very efficiently and consistently. I can pretty much delegate more to Nicco since and work as primarily an editor. My next job will be Character Creation and Automating it as well. 

Note there is many Working Parts. I can only predict what I know, and there is so much I don't know. This book is 4 months delayed (DEC-JAN are Unproductive Months because of all the things that need doing).

CHARACTER GENERATION. I wish I understood enough about Frappe.IO to make an app that generates all the details and its easy to troubleshoot. The spreadsheet is accessible as it allows a NOn-IT to world build. Keeping things in google sheets has some drawbacks. 

same as the M7 star above BUT we just upgraded the Star class. Since the sheet generates all the output and the star determines what is selected, you can just change the star and it will reflect how much stuff is in the system. 

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