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GURPS disadvantages of what would be considered normal

From this thread I semi-started and continued from an older thread.

Alternate Title: Disadvantages that fill you up quick!

I remember there was talk started by snowball about what kind of person a character with No Disadvantage would be, remembering the discussion leading towards considering such people as sociopaths. So I looked up the description of sociopaths in wikipedia. I admit that it may not be the most credible source but it probably suits game purposes just fine. Having read the description of the different kinds of sociopaths i tend to agree. I've had these in place in my games for a while, but since my GM has opted to use it for his game I thought I could share it in its own thread- specifically discussing what GURPS disadvantages are considered to be found in "Normal" People.

Although I admit that there is still a lot of debate about this since the definition of normal is ever changing with the leaps research is putting into the hands of regular people. (Check out the discussions of Dan Arielies and Hans Rosling)

Anyway, here is my standard list of disadvantages for people that would be normal and accepted in society.

Typically -50 disads in all.
  • Pacifism: Cannot Harm Innocents [-10]. Typical for combat oriented characters and adventurers.
  • Honesty (12) [-5]. Any respect for authority, organization, structure or laws.
  • Discipline of Faith [-5]. ...or adherence to a chosen belief structure.
  • Code of Honor [-10]. Personal Integrity or Internal Consistency of belief with the character actions, since Honor is a culturally relative term.
  • Duty (12) [-10]. (any set of social responsibilities chosen or given by society to the individual where by if they do not maintain such responsibilities will lead to troubling consequences; Ex. a Job- consequence: no Income)
  • Intolerance [-5]. Everyone has intolerance, especially intolerance for those who do not adhere to the same belief structure or for those considered Deviants (or Criminals).
  • Sense of Duty: Close Family and Friends [-5]. Typically.


My responses, are found in the thread as well as an interesting set of Point of views from my critics. Especially in where everyone differs in Point of View, Experience and perspective. On observation where we all differ paints quite an interesting picture of how the world is perceived. Of course the lack of detail and my lack of canon adherance to RAW can be subject to much discussion and debate.

Especially my take on disciplines of faith. Its really controversial- especially when different people (and not just the religions) have different views and interpretations of how religion or beliefs should be practiced. there is that slight undertone that is expressed between the lines that secularism or anti-theism (and agnosticism) are not valid disciplines of faith. It is also interesting to note how severe some views are on a supposedly -5cp disadvantage. fanaticism and Disciplines of faith tend to have conjoining or overlapping elements. Disciplines of Faith, in my experience as it pertains to religion should be more flexible to encompas the many belief structures out there. as a former member and thoroughly educated catholic from the much-contraversial sect of Opus Dei I have to put in my strong emphasis of tolerance, understanding, resisting the temptatin to oversimplify and generalize and approaching a complex circumstances with an open mind and as few assumptions as possible. that being said- could such a diplomatic action be counted as a Discipline of my Faith (Belief) in Secularism?

Anyway its all up to the readers to form their own opinion. My opinion is colored by my studies, "belief system" and own disadvantages as taken from above.

Note: These 7 disadvantages have a varying mix of intensity. some others might be -10 instead of -5 and vice versa.

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