Friday, June 5, 2009

Sorry for the Late Update

I will be taking a bit of break cause I'm sick and Post an answer to this forum questions. Particulary a generic Medieval Setting. I've read a copy of harkwood and I find that todays better understanding of Medieval Life should be applied to the game.

One is that the Town should have a population of up to 8,000-12,000. The Lord's relationship to the Town should be clearly defined, his rank, his retainers, his duties as well as his loyalty to the crown.

Provide a Strucure and Instead of making a bunch of Possible Bad Guys. Illustrate the duties, problems, and challenges that particular area may have for a party of adventurers.

Define Adventurers in the context of the setting: In a realistic setting they would be knights, squires, or sergeants looking for a liege lord. Even allow for the possibly a Mercanry captian and his possee (his exectutive officer, his specialists and officers).

Emphasize that nothing exists in a Void in an RPG and provide examples.

Provide Map (Looking for Autorealm for ubuntu right now).

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