Thursday, September 3, 2009

GURPS Intelligences: why Math kicks too much a...

This is why mathematic ability shouldn't just be worth 5cp.

GURPS Intelligence. I envy those who have "leet" math skillz, and in an RPG as in real life I know what I can do with such things. In a military situation, someone with such abilities can call down Artillery Fire more accurately, decode enemy intelligence better, and juggle more complicated logistical problems. In any game, such a character will be earning heck more than other employed characters, justifying a high wealth.

In any sci-fi setting, that character just scary good. Summarily he can do any computerized, highly calculation intensive job, at roughly +5 to +10 better (because he is doing something people pay thousands of dollars for to aid them in the calculation). In the system this can represent a -50% to -90% less time to accomplish a task. Such a character will be able to multi-task his Navigations, Hyper Space Navigation, Sensors, Gunnery Solutions, Tactical Coordination much faster than other characters.

All such highly technical abilities will require high level of training and math. In these tasks computers will provide cleaned up solutions and options more humanly comprehendable.
  • A character who can keep up with the computer can "Hack" the computers job and find all sorts of short cuts,
  • he can also follow a line of options outside the computer's programing parameters,
  • the character begins with a mental Road Map of the decision matrix speeding him up
  • he can use himself or the computer as spare muscle computing peripheral options that have a higher risk of being useful but would eat up valuable time in evaluation... etc
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