Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Concept Generation: Super Light System.

I'm running a Systems Light Game for a group of players unfamiliar to my gaming style. I don't want to confuse them with a heavy system so I'll elect for a home made system. Something that gets the character creation done in a few minutes (at least all of the characters in an hour). I'll move to a more detailed system little by little.
My friend told me he gave them my copies GURPS lite, I assume they didn't have time to read 32 pages and would be easier to just work with some loose concepts. I will use GURPS as the basis of the rest of the modifiers anyway.

System Mechanics
Step 1: Roll 3 Six-Sided Die against a Target Difficulty (usually 10). The Die Roll plus its modifiers must equal or exceed.
Ability Rating + Profession/Background + Die Roll vs Difficulty
5-8 Degrees of Ease
9-11 Degrees of Challenging
12-14 Degrees of Troublesome
15-16 Degrees of a Hard and Ardous Task
17+ Impossible Tasks
Character Creation
Step 1: Allocate 9 Points between all the listed attributes. Allocating none equates to 0, the most is at 3, and one attribute can be reduced to -1 for an additional point.
Poor -1. Below Average and suffering the repercussions of it's lacking.
Average 0. Average is not just the man on the street but the general competence found among the working class, needed to survive and thrive in any given era.
Good 1. Better than Average, Good ability thrive and are found a tier higher over average.
Great 2. This is better than Good and particularly uncommon. This level of ability stands out clearly among its Peers.
Remarkable 3. A level of ability that gets around and moves big things (like large sectors of the character's society).
Step 2: Determine the Sub Attribute. Int the parenthesis these are specialization of a particular attribute, the assumption is both attributes are represented by the broader one. One can choose to specialize raise a sub attribute at the expense of the other (+1/-1), this specialization can only raise/lower by 1.

  • Physical Condition (Healthy vs Strength).
  • Kinesthetic Intelligence (Hand Eye vs Balance-Coordination).
  • Social Intelligence (Empathy vs Charm).
  • General Intelligence (Memory vs Technical).
  • Perception (General Awareness vs Concentration).
  • Personal (Convictions or Motivations vs Intuitive Sense).
  • Profession (Assets vs Skills). This represents what the character does.
  • Background (Assets vs Skills).This represents the skills and assets of where the character was from.

Josephine Quijano Zaladez
Physical Condition +1 Healthy, -1 Strong
Kinesthetic Intelligence 1
Social Intelligence 2
General Intelligence 1
Perception 1
Personal 1 Intuition, 3 Conviction
Profession: 0 Assets, 2 Skills
Background: Intelligentsia (Educated Middle Class) 1 (Assets vs Skills)
Josephine is a strong willed daughter of mixed heritage upper middle class family. She was raised to be married and settled down as early as possible, but her stubbornness and competitiveness with her older brothers has bent her father and mother to her wishes to educate herself and some measure of independence. Her eldest brother Theodoro was not especially helpful by getting her a "job" brokering lady's fancies like fashion, furniture, and (secretly) books.
She has taken to some nasty habits because of this, one particularly Padre Brillenes suspects to be reading, specifically secular books. Quickly Padre communicated his suspicions to her family, and her father furious of a possible scandal had made it clear he wants her to desist. In protest she leaves, and chose to live with her older brother's house, crippling her mother with despair and leaving her bed ridden for a week. This made all her relatives come calling and tried to urge her to reconsider, which only made Josephine furious.
Immediately she tried to confront Padre Brillenes, and in her sudden and spontaneous rush witnessed a surprising aspect to his personal life. Josephine was quick to take advantage of it an turn the tables urging the priest to ease her mother's conscience or let something particular slip among her many contacts concerning the padre.
When the mess was finally cleared up, her mother got better and chose to visit her often. What was surprising was she got to know the Padre Brillenes better and was able to win him over.
I don't know what to play:
Quick Sci-Fi or Mahadlika???

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