Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gurps Traveler: Expanding GURPS BASIC SET

I think there should be more fan made BASIC SET material online. I've heard complaints from my fellow GM that the other Books just pile on more rules and there was a thread or two that just talks about what campaigns can one make with just the basic set.

I will try to convert my data to Basic Set 4E usalble systems and save other GMs some grief.I will also fix up a bit of the Vehicle Combat Rules in Campaigns to be more easy and "ready-to-play"

Cheap Small Armed Frontier Merchant

Description: This small Merchanter is meant to survive out in the frontier and for the entrepreneur working on a budget. This ship has a very strong defensive ability, these are not offensive missiles but ECM missiles which launch accompanying the ship and scrambling the source of its active signal and emissions. (i will explain more of this in detail... the wife is asking me to sleep).

dHP 78 (dDR10); Hnd -2 (SR 5); HT11; Move: 1.7G/1.1G/0.6; LWT: 875 (Load: 400/800/2000, 1100m^3); SM +8 (65m); Occ 12+6ASV; Range 200yrs/2-parsecs Cost $57.5M; Locations 3Rr2+1t

Combat Capabilities: 8x12 ECM missiles, 4 Pulse Lasers.


Cargo: Convertible to Supports 550m^3 Hangar (3 x SM+4 75m^3 crafts) and 550m^3 Fuel Tank (+2-parsec range and wilderness refueling capable).

Crew: Commanding Officer, Executive/Tactical officer, Sensor Officer, Navigations/Gunner Officer, Communications/ EW-ECM Officer, Chief Engineer, 2 Engeineering/Maintenance/Cargo Service Crew, Chief Steward, Ship Master, and 2 Medical (Nurse)/ General Service Crew. Lodging enough for 6 Passengers or Small Craft Crew .

Cheap Small Fighter

Description: This small fighter is based on a civilian recreational racer usually converted by frontier governments and merchanters into armed escort.

dHP 38 (dDR10); Hnd +0 (SR 5); HT 9; Move: 4G/4.5G (with no pulse lasers); LWT: 68.5 (Load: 13.5); SM +4 (8.5m); Occ 2ASV; Range 40 Days Cost $9M; Locations 0+3t

Combat Capabilities: 3x12 ECM missiles, 3 x Missiles, 1 EW Missiles, 2 Pulse Lasers.


Crew: Navigator/Sensor Officer and Gunner/EW-ECM

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