Tuesday, June 22, 2010

GURPS Talents, Multiple Intelligence, and Geekdom

lately my readings about Emotional Intelligence got me thinking more about the Multiple Intelligence Theory (note the difference between Theory and Hypothesis). the more I read about it, the more it dispels the illusion of all around natural born intelligence. I do admit there are certain prodigies and anomalies of all around intelligence but, these are so rare and far between that it makes gamers focus on a statistic that doesn't influence much of society or the most powerful echelons of it.

What to look at is most normal or the most commonly expected outcome as well as the "fortune" variable of being born in a situation with more or less opportunities or worse or better circumstances. This amount of simplification, I can tollerate otherwise is just too simple and grossly distorted given the complexity one needs to grasp reality these days.

I have a personal Bias with IQ, given that its been used for Racial discrimination and is a gross oversimplification of the complexity of intelligence. As a tool of measure it fails and has more problems than the specifics and clearer definition of multiple int.

This leads me to the GURPS talents which has become their way into a Multi-Int. basically as a GM I can Inflate the cost of IQ beyond 10 to x3 the value minus the per and will (that makes it 30cp or 40cp).

Talents and Geekery - Multiple Intelligence is part of the Age of the Geek, to fail to acknowledge this is to fail to acknowledge how geeks can be so good in their specific fields.

Memory should be a 10cp talent that gives +1 to ALL recall rolls instead of +10. As rare and odd the ability is like that of Kim Peek, it should be just as rare or expensive. As a munckin the crazy combos I've thought of and used with this combo are dangerous and can ruin many of the critical thinking aspects players by basically making their brain double as a computer.

Same goes with mathematical intelligence, EVERY +1 bonus should be accounted for by 10 points. The simple: automatic or the PC is automatically capable of this kind of math is oversimplified in a way that doesn't let people appreciate math. Those of us who find math hard, or need help in math can use the extra added scale of difficulty of math tasks.

A game where RAW savant level IQ bonuses that apply to ALL other specializations of intelligence is expensive would yield more interesting and more well thought out characters. particularly in the economics of character creation where people's weaknesses and blind areas are much more clearly defined.

as for Geekery. Expense in Talent has a corresponding Reputation bonus. The more talent, the more expert people see the character. From mere Geek towards Savant. Minor-Major geek (1 or 2 levels), Minor-Major Savant (3 to 4 levels)!

As for how Broad each geekery goes, it depends on the precedents a Player can dig up about MI. I guess the Gm can allow certain Talents depending if the Player can easily justify by getting previous examples.

Note that geekery can expand in Scope as well as intensity depending on the time spent. A 5cp geek can advance to level 2 with 5 more points or add more skills as a 10pt geekery.

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