Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Copyright and Game Systems

Copyright and Game Systems

Copyright is tricky because, it can lead to stiffling of innovation instead of rewarding it. Paladium suing of the use of the term "Rifts" in a game kind of strange. It serves as an example where someone can just sit tight on a product for years, fail to innovate or catch up to the rest of the market, and still make a money.

In fashion, you can't do that, this TED video is great at explaining why. I'd like to think that I'm as hungry to innovate as fashion designers. That I'm open to criticism and laying all the assumptions of my design on the table for everyone to see.

you might want to check the comments for the opposing views.

Related to Games, I'm pro open RPG tools. In fact thats what i'm doing for my pet game project. Why I am making my own open RPG system for people to tear up the chunks they like to use and put out there again without having to give any credit for me is explained very well by this video by the RSA.

Again the idea has to be marketed without all those nasty details. Google was run like this but had hit on some problems. So take it with a grain of salt and if your more into it, check out the actual study for the pitfalls and caveats.

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