Sunday, May 30, 2010

"What is an RPG?" Exercise

Explaining "What is an RPG?" in the shortest and most efficient way speaks a lot about who the gamer is and where he is coming from. It also changes from time to time, as the human mind is so malleable to experience that emphasis moves around constantly.

What is a Role-Playing Game?
This is a game where players take part by playing the roles of fictional characters. Participants use storytelling, improvisational acting, and problem solving skills to interact with and create a world. This world can take any form, it can be entirely fantasy, authentically historical or contemporary, or speculatively futuristic.
Role-Playing games can serve as a catharsis, as it had been during it beginning. Although, like many games, it is more practically valued for its exercise Critical Thinking, communicating understanding of concepts, and exercising theoretical skills.

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