Thursday, May 13, 2010

Game Wealth Thread Argument spilling over to Economics

The thread of How to Handle Wealth became an economics discussion. What I like about the SJgames forums is how world views and personal philosophies are very transparent and apply to people's games. The last thing one would want is to have a politicized opinion of the world cramping your game fun but these are valid and challenging questions. They should be encouraged but separated from the game so that it would not ruin the fun of others.

Of course there is an easier way to settle this: get some economic data. Its not that hard, World bank, the links found in the sources part of a Wikipedia article and a subscription to Scientific Journals.

In the case of the argument it seems there are strong differences in opinion regarding having a job and actual ability. This points out a particular assumption: that High Skills means better pay. As with supply and demand: High Skills of a High Demand ability = High pay. High Skills of a Low demand (because of high supply, obsolescence or a very niche demand) would equal low pay.

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